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Publicity Team
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PART #1 - 1 point: Post your testimonial

Head to this location:

You should see our listing at the top. Click on "Review It". You'll have to register for an account with Speculative Vision.

PART #2 - 1 point: Rate and review

To get the second point, you have to complete a few tasks. First, you'll need to click the "Rate it" button on Speculative Vision and rate us (a 10, I should hope!).

Second, head here:

Post your testimonial.

And finally third, head here:

Click the "Rate it" button and rate us.


You need to e-mail me DIRECTLY with the "success" text that Speculative Vision gives you for reviewing it, and then the "success" text that RPG gateway gives you for rating us.


  • Marcus Dickens: 2 points
  • Julio Vannini: 2 points
  • Karynn Ehlanii: 2 points
  • Toni Turner: 2 points
  • William Rogers: 2 points
  • Hugh Barnes: 2 points
  • Salak: 2 points
  • Cura Stone: 1 point