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Component one is to make sure that it's an RPG database that talks about live (IRC/chat) and/or PBEM games. Component two is to make sure that they allow people to submit a review of the games they list.

Once you've found the site and verified that it allows reviews, just e-mail the URL of the site back to this list.

THIS IS A MULTIPLE POINT ASSIGNMENT! Everyone gets a point for the first URL they send in. To receive another point, you'll need to send in two UNIQUE sites. Meaning that they have to be sites that no one else has yet submitted! So, one point for your first (regardless of whether it's been submitted already), another point for the next two unique sites. Got it? :)


  • Marcus Dickens - 2 points
  • Karynn Ehlanii - 2 points
  • Jhen Thelev - 1 point
  • Epsilon-Delta - 1 point
  • Eden Redstone - 1 point
  • Hugh Barnes


Reviews/ratings allowed

No reviews/ratings