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Publicity Team
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  • Pursuit number: #4
  • Assignment: Find a Star Trek forum site and register


This one's pretty simple: find a Star Trek forum, and register for it.

You get 1 point for the first forum you register at, and another point for each three you register for after that. So, if you register for four, then you get 2 points. Register for seven, and you get 3 points, and so forth.

Please e-mail this list with the URL for EACH forum you find. Include your username on each site as well.

The only caveat is that these forums MUST have the following criteria:

  • Must NOT be specifically, or only for an active RPG;
  • Must be Star Trek related, or be science-fiction focused with a dedicated Star Trek area;
  • Must have at least a fairly reputable population. Meaning - no 10 person forums: we're looking for a place where we can have some reach. Use your good judgment.

You are encouraged to utilize the links that others send in, so there's no penalty for registering where someone else did.


  • William Rogers: 7 points
  • Karynn Ehlanii: 7 points
  • Marcus Dickens: 5 points
  • Francis deMarc: 4 points
  • Julio Vannini: 2 points
  • T'Pen: 3 points
  • Hugh Barnes: 2 points
  • Toni Turner: 2 points
  • Jhen Thelev: 1 point
  • Cura Stone: 1 point
  • Epsilon-Delta: 1 point