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Pursuit 12 - Draft a letter to the blog and post it to us -- we'll review and decide on the best. Do not send it to the Blog owners. Simply post it here.

Everyone submitting a letter will earn 5 points. The author of winning letter will get five (5) additional points. Watch your grammar, sentence structure, and make sure your content puts SB118 in the best light possible. You'll have until midnight Monday, November 17 to post your letters. Winner will be announced as soon as a determination has been made.

The following letter was submitted by Commander Cura Stone:

To all Star Trek fans:

I would like to inform you of the path to the stars and beyond, a place where you can boldly go where others have gone and perhaps reach your dreams. In the community of UFOP Starbase 118, you can do this and more. Simply go to this URL:

Click on the "tour" and browse what UFOP has to offer you. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Aside from our exceptional training program, which last only a week, from the moment you apply until the moment you get assigned to a vessel, you will be immersed into another universe...that of Star Trek and is many wonders.

In UFOP, we have an entire fleet of ships where you may be stationed, Captain's that will lead and guide you as you embark on your Star Fleet career as well as an in-depth forums where many interests are discussed and shared. Since most people that join UFOP like to write, there are even writing challenges and contests, which are extremely rewarding. Not only does UFOP have all this but at the end of every year (December) there is an annual awards ceremony where individuals in the fleet are awarded with many different honors, ranging from general staff awards to duty post awards.

To top this all off, UFOP has a Constitution and By Laws that keep everything running smoothly. As mentioned before, it is a community... a place where anything your strive for can be achieved with good efforts.

I have been part of UFOP Starbase 118 for going on 6 years and I have never been disappointed in clicking the "Join Now" link.. Everyone that is a part of UFOP is in the game for the fun of simming, sharing common ideas and being part of that universe we all love...Star Trek. So, I encourage you to take a peek at our site, look at the Constitution and By Laws, look at our very active forums and click on that link that says "Join Now". It will be the best decision you ever made and the most rewarding. Even if you are not so familiar with Star Trek cannon, there is always someone in your sim group who is and can help you learn about those little details. Perhaps, you just like to write. UFOP is not just for Star Trek lovers, but for those who love to write, read and interact with other people who love the same thing.

Thank you for taking the time to consider UFOP Starbase 118 as your simming home. I hope to see you among the stars.

Cmdr Cura Assanti

Commanding Officer

USS Indria-A NCC - 68482