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Publicity Team
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  • Pursuit number: #7
  • Assignment: Make Contact with a Site from Pursuit 6 and Ask for a Link Exchange


Sites from Pursuit 6 are listed below.

Phase 1. To be fair since only three participated in Pursuit 6, Julia Harden, Jhen Thelev, and William Rogers get to pick two (2) each of the above sites to contact, and the rest of you get to pick one each. But don't let that throw you. You can earn a second point by finding a site not listed above and make contact.

Phase 2. We want all 23 sites contacted, so to do that, the first one posting their two (2) letters to the site owners and/or a link to the banner that was placed on the site, here in the Publicity group can choose another site to contact or link for an extra point.

Each time you complete Phase 2, you can choose another and repeat the process until they are all done or you personally have the maximum of 5 points.

We don't want to look like a bunch of Yahoos stumbling all over each other and sending multiple letters to the owners or duplicating banners, so this Pursuit will last two weeks. Every time you choose a site, your have to post it here so everyone knows that it has been chosen and it's not to be contacted.


Please post all correspondence with the owners here, especially the exact code or wording they want in exchange on our site.

Any questions? If not, Julia Harden, Jhen Thelev, and William Rogers choose your sites and post them here, after that is done, the rest can choose theirs and also post here. Let's try to keep organized everyone.

To help you, if it is necessary to know the code for linking to our site, we have included the HTML code below also.

Publicity Policies

HTML Code for Large Banners:

<a href=""><img scr=""></a>

HTML Code for small logos:

<a href=""><img scr=""></a>