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The promotion from Lieutenant Commander to Commander is a big step in our community. It’s a difference of being a member and becoming part of our group staff. We take this step seriously, because of our group heritage and history, and the reputation we have to protect. Our organization was founded in 1994, and every single captain in our organization today can trace their “command ancestry” back to the first members of our organization from that first year.

This step is a culmination of everything you’ve learned up to this point. Before being considered for the rank of Commander, you’ll be expected to continue to:

  • meet the average number of posts per month required for your ship;
  • respond to other simmers in an appropriate manner;
  • include strong characterization in your sims;
  • sim your character appropriately per your Duty Post;
  • pro-actively seek to include other playing characters in your sims;
  • pro-actively seek to facilitate the ship’s plot;
  • facilitate one or more OOC activities off the ship.

If you satisfactorily meet these requirements of lower ranks, and you have been a Lieutenant Commander for at least 90 days, you will then begin the process of promotion to Commander. During this process, you will:

  1. complete two groups as a Commanding Officer on the Training Team;
  2. facilitate an OOC Taskforce of the fleet (beyond your ship);
  3. be nominated by your captain to the Captains Council for promotion;
  4. take a Written Exam;
  5. lead a mission for your Practical Exam;
  6. have the Captains Council vote on your candidacy;
  7. and finally, be promoted to Commander!

Upon promotion, you’ll then be eligible to begin working on your requirements to get your own ship as Captain.

Responsibilities of a Commander

Once you become a Commander, you will be expected to help advance the fleet and build our community. Here are a few of the things you will be doing differently once you become a member of the group staff:

  • Focusing on helping others: instead of advancing yourself, from here-on-out, your focus is going to become mentoring and aiding newer members on working through the ranks. You’ll be expected to give consideration to how you can help others In and Out of Character.
  • Preparing for your own command: you will also be working on the requirements for moving into your own command. Even though it will be a few months before the process gets started, you will be expected to begin working on your Captaincy requirements, and also getting to know the other staff members of the group.
  • Leading OOC activities: Commanders should be assisting with a fleet activity beyond their ship, while also leading the charge in helping on their own vessel.
  • Participating in the Captains Council: Commanders and First Officers have the right to view and participate in Captains Council discussions, and they are expected to voice their opinions to help protect the integrity of our group, and speak for the people on their vessels.

The Lieutenant Commander Training Area

Upon promotion to Lieutenant Commander, you will be granted to the Lieutenant Commander Training area, where you will find the complete “Commander Manual,” as well as an overview of the promotion process to Commander. If you’re already a Lieutenant Commander, use that link to access the training site!

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