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So you think you’re ready to Command your own starship? Commanders partake in the process of building-up crew and preparing for their Practical Exam, which has them splitting off from their home crew and leading a ship for 60-90 days. Acting as a Commanding Officer, you’ll be learning first-hand how to command a vessel, and preparing for your promotion to Captain.

Upon promotion to commander, you’ll be given access to a special area of the site where you’ll find the complete “Captain’s Manual,” as well as an overview of the promotion process to captain. In short, that process goes as follows (note that these steps may not necessarily be followed in this order for every candidate):

  1. After at least 90 days as a commander, be nominated for promotion;
  2. Take a written exam;
  3. Have the Executive Council vote on your candidacy and ship choice;
  4. Choose a ship from our inactive fleet for your captaincy promotion process;
  5. Lead a crew for your practical exam for several missions;
  6. Engage in a weeklong interview with the Executive Council;
  7. Have the Executive Council vote on your final promotion;
  8. Be promoted to captain!

Responsibilities of a Captain

We pride our community on being a place where people can learn the skills that can help them in real life, as well as in our game: communicating, leading, facilitating, and mentoring others. Being a captain is all about making an experience for others, and being a respected member of our community.

As a captain, you will lead your ship staff in creating plots, facilitate the implementation of those plots with your crew, and work with the crew to become more creative, better writers. You will also work with the staff on your ship to help them continue their journey to command, as they work on mentoring members of your crew.

You will also have full voting access on the Captains Council, where you will vote on the promotion of officers to commander and help shape the future of our community.

Even though it seems like a lot of work, after the first few months you will find yourself settling into a comfortable routine. It’s all about making a plan that will keep things on track, which we help you do during your Captaincy Exam process!

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