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Member Resources

StarBase 118 Member Resources

Are you ready to move up and be promoted? Perhaps even command your own ship within our fleet? This guide will get you started!

Be aware that some ships have specific guidelines for their crew as to what they're looking for. The information below is your starting point, and acts as your basic guideline for what you should be doing.

The importance of your captain

If you want to move up to command, we can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to your Captain and let them know this. You won’t be “bothering” them by asking; in fact, they’ll be happy to know that another person on their crew wants to develop their skills!

Example template
Hi Captain! I'm really interested in promotion and am looking for your guidance on how I can work toward the next rank, and eventually [toward being a first officer / command of my own ship / etc.]. Can you provide any feedback on what I can do to move in that direction? Thank you!

But please, don’t ask or beg to be promoted, or pester your CO about when you will being promoted. If you feel like you've been unfairly passed-over for a promotion, ask your Captain or First Officer why, and ask what you can do for the next time around to fix the problem. Then, make a plan and figure out how to fix whatever your Captain believes might be the problem.

More than anything else, remember this: we are a community of people, and we thrive when everyone not only does the best they can do on their own vessel, but also helps to develop and expand the reach of our community. The more you do to help our community, the more highly you will be considered among its staff.

Member Promotion Guides

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