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Prometheus Ribbon

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Prometheus Ribbon
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Type: service ribbon

The Prometheus Ribbon is a campaign service ribbon awarded to a person who helped in handling the Prometheus Incident and ensuing chaos during 2392.

Bronze Stars for Multi-Phase Campaigns

Beginning with the Prometheus Incident (2392) campaign, characters can earn multiple bronze stars when participating in a multi-phase campaign. Each bronze star corresponds to participating in a mission in one phase of a campaign.

Any 1 of the 3
Any 2 of the 3
All 3 phases

The Prometheus Incident campaign was comprised of three phases:

  • Phase I
    • Began on: 1 February 2392
    • Ended on: 30 April 2392
  • Phase II
    • Began on: 1 May 2392
    • Ended on: 31 July 2392
  • Phase III
    • Began on: 1 August 2392
    • Ended on: 30 November 2392

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