Prometheus Incident/Victory

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Phase 1: What Happened at Luxis III


After finishing an award ceremony, the USS Victory's crew found that they were assigned to the the Duronis Sector temporarily to assist the USS Thunder-A by orders of their sector commander. They were assigned to assist the USS Thunder-A in assisting the Laudeans set-up outposts on Luxis III.

The Victory deployed two away teams to the planet, one to help set up environmental shields as the planet was tidal locked with its closest moon, creating a earthquake and storm ridden planet. The other team was sent to investigate a strange signal, 2 kilometers on another plateau.

The Victory itself was going to scan the highly magnetic moon, Kretos, but before they were able to really get going, an anomaly appeared emitted a shockwave that acted like an EMP on the Victory. With her systems damaged, life support was the only thing left running.

Rear Admiral Toni Turner ordered an abort of the mission and had to rescue the Victory from falling in to the thin magnetic atmosphere of the moon.