Project Full Circle (Apollo-A)

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USS Apollo-A Missions
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Current Mission - Project Full Circle

Apollo-A News Headlines

  • Apollo-A Finishes Systems Upgrade For Her New Deep Space Mission.
  • Rear Admiral Orders To Set Course For Delta Quadrant.
  • Apollo-A goes to Red Alert, Battlestations after receiving a Distress call from New Talax.

Apollo-A goes to Red Alert, Battlestations after receiving a Distress call from New Talax

Mission Summary

Act I: New Ship, New Crew

After the crew made it to the ship from every corner of the galaxy, Rear Admiral Renos & Stratigo Bokzadeshti did a Change of Command and Renos was now official in command of nir ship. After the Change of Command, the crew got some time to catch up and meet the new people in their departments. Renos held a briefing for all the staff to inform them of there 10-year mission to the Delta Quadrant, while at that meeting nir promoted Ruq'orb to Lieutenant JG and Gave out awards to Daniel Cain and Gogigobo Fairhug both men received Joint Meritorious Award, Daniel Cain got the Purple Heart & Gogigobo Fairhug received the Department Chief ribbon and Captain’s Commendation for there work on Embassy of Duronis II. Following the meeting, Renos gave the shove off order at T-minus 30 minutes. Once they cleared the shipyard they headed off on the great adventure.

After just over two weeks of travel, the ship picked up a distress call from the astroid New Talax, the Allied Talaxians that lived there report they were under attack from the Overseers. The ship immediately went to Red Alert and laid in an intercept course. TBC

Project Full Circle Notable Characters

Project Full Circle Notable Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio Link

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position
Renos Commanding Officer
Gogigobo Fairhug First Officer
E'riQ Chief Of Helm/Com/Ops
Dante Termine Helm/Com/Ops
Kael Thomas Chief Engineer
Ruq'orb Chief Of Security
Daniel Cain Armed Protection Department Head/Security Officer
Conrad Adler Tactical Officer
Davine D'fini Chief Science Officer
Bran Maro Science Officer
Graeme Cook Chief Medical Officer
Malko Counselor

Mission Awards

Mission Awards
Name Award


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