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Corbin Prex, a Trill diplomat, is the father of Tobias Brel of the USS Tiger. He is recognized as having been the first Federation Ambassador to ever be posted to a Gamma Quadrant world.


  • Full Name: Corbin Prex
  • Birthdate: 232209.11
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Trill
  • Occupation: Federation Diplomat


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Length: Thinning
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
  • Tone/Voice: Corbin talks in a slow, deliberate manner
  • Facial Features: Corbin has a heavy brow and thick, bushy black eyebrows that have begun to lightly gray
  • Clothing: Corbin Prex wears a diplomatic dress uniform when working in an official capacity and when at leisure he prefers high-collared shirts in neutral colors


Professional History

History begins from the point at which Tobias Brel is born

  1. 235802.10: Corbin Prex resumes his ambassadorial duties and accepts a posting to Deneb IV.
  2. 236009.05: Corbin Prex is reassigned to Denobula Triaxa.
  3. 236209.05: Corbin Prex accepts a new assignment on Mazar.
  4. 236705.11: Corbin Prex is offered a position as a roaming ambassador, traveling aboard starships wherever he is needed.
  5. 237005.03: Following first contact being made with the Wadi, Corbin Prex is sent to their homeworld as the Federation's ambassador. He makes history as the first Federation ambassador to be assigned to a Gamma Quadrant world.
  6. 237101.19: Corbin, having been persuaded by Esme that the Wadi are negative influences on their children, requests that another ambassador be assigned to the Wadi and agrees to once again become a roaming ambassador.
  7. 237311.27: Corbin Prex is assigned to Romulus early on in the Dominion Wars.
  8. 237804.10: Corbin Prex returns to Trill on sabbatical. Whilst there he pens a number of articles on conducting diplomatic relations.
  9. 238009.04: Corbin Prex is made ambassador to Iyar.
  10. 238208.10: Corbin, as the nearest Federation ambassador, is dispatched to sort out a territorial dispute between the Plangril and the Shangra on Awed III that threatens to escalate into war.
  11. 238209.02: Corbin is able to find a resolution to the territorial dispute that, whilst making no one happy, causes the escalation of tensions to cease. He suggests to the Ambassadorial Corps that he be reassigned there for six months to oversee the implementation of the terms of the treaty.
  12. 238303.18: Corbin is recalled from Awed III at the end of the six month period and begins working as a guest lecturer, rotating between several universities.

Relationship with Tobias


Throughout Tobias' childhood and teenage years, Tobias was in awe of his father. He enjoyed the experience of traveling from world to world with his father and appreciated that Corbin liked to allow him to integrate with the local children and to try out native foods and games.

The adults Tobias interacted with all emphasized their deep respect for his father and until he was in his late teens, Tobias expected that he would follow in his father's footsteps and join the diplomatic corps. Corbin encouraged Tobias to work towards this end and used his connections to secure his son a prestigious position as an aide to the well-respected Ambassador Vadosia.

When Tobias returned from the posting a little under a year later, his ambitions had changed. He was no longer thinking about a future as a diplomat but rather wanting to attend Starfleet Academy to become a Starfleet officer. Corbin, unenthusiastic about Tobias' change of heart, suggested that Tobias take some time to consider what he wanted to do with his life. Tobias agreed and diverted his efforts towards being accepted as a host by the Symbiosis Commission.

After the Joining

Newly joined to the Brel symbiont, Tobias spent his first few months after the joining struggling to deal with the four lifetimes of memories and experiences he had acquired. He returned home warily, already contemplating resuming his application to the Academy and leaving Trill.

A little under two months later, Tobias had been accepted into the Academy and had departed the family home. In the years that have passed since then Tobias has never returned to his homeworld, nor has he seen his parents. When he occasionally calls home he tries to time his communications to coincide with times at which he knows his father will not be home.

Tobias and Corbin continue to love each other but they can no longer communicate on a personal level. When one wishes to send a message to the other, they do so through Tobias' mother or brother as intermediaries. Both hope that some day their relationship will heal but they have little idea how this might be achieved.