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There have been at least 2 Earth ships designated the "Wallace". Below is more information about them.

HMS Wallace

  • Assigned to: Royal Navy
  • Class: Shakespeare class, destroyer
  • In Service: Jan. 29, 1919 through Mar. 20, 1945
  • Served: Mainly off East coast of England, briefly in Mediterranean for Sicily invasion (1943).
  • Note: Scrapped after collision with HMS Farndale.

USS Wallace L. Lind

  • Assigned to: US Navy
  • Informal Nickname: "Jolly Wolly"
  • Class: Allen M. Sumner class, destroyer
  • In Service: Sept. 8 1944 through Dec. 4, 1973 (US), 1994 (South Korea)
  • Served:
    • Pacific Fleet during late World War II
    • Present at Japanesse surrender ceremony (Sept. 2, 1945)
    • On duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)
    • Deployed in Vietnam (from 1968)
    • Sold to South Korea (4 Dec 1973) and renamed ROKS Dae Gu (DD-917)
  • Note: Broken up in 1994

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