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Cadet Orientation
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Once your training program begins, you'll receive all the instruction you'll need to get started simming with us. But for now, let's dive in and start roleplaying to introduce your character and flex your writing muscles!

Introduce your character

Follow this link to our “Arrival at StarBase 118” thread, and read the instructions. Then, click the black “reply to this topic” button and post your response. Don’t worry about the format — just write however it’s comfortable for you. Be creative!

Learn more about characterization

There's a lot to learn about how you portray an engaging, multifaceted member of Starfleet. But don't worry – we have plenty of easy to follow and fun to read instruction that will get you started. Our Your Character tutorial is the best introduction, with more to come later.

What about my bio?

Most RPGs ask you to create a complete "bio" (character biography) before, or right after you apply. We're a little different, as you won't need to create a simple bio until mid-way through our Academy training class.

Until then, everything you need to think about in regard to your character is provided in the Your Character tutorial mentioned above. But if you want to get a head start in thinking about your bio anyway, you can also check out the tutorial we'll send you during your training class, which includes our bio template. Just keep it in your back pocket until training – there's nowhere you need to submit it, or get it approved, until then.

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