Vital Statistics
Name: Premba
Rank: Petty Officer, 1st Class
Position: Nurse
Assignment: USS Eagle
Species: Deltan
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye color: dark blue
Hair color: bald
Build: Slim, graceful with a gymnists physique
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Place of birth: Delta IV

Premba is your average typical Deltan. She has classic features, an athletic form, soft sensual voice and a deep understanding of her affect on non-Deltans. While she has a playful personallity she does take her Oath of Celibacy very seriously.

A constant pheremonal threat to other crewmembers, Premba took the Oath of Celibacy shortly before enlisting in Starfleet.

When she had finished her training to be a Nurse at Starfleet Academy she was recruited by Lieutenant Commander Solok to be part of his staff aboard the USS Kodiak. She was able to impress Solok who recommended that she be admitted early for her advanced training at SB118.

She is the consummate professional, and yet there is ever the glimmer of seduction in her interactions with the staff and patients in sickbay.

Due to her being a Deltan she went through a large number of room mates before being paired with Crewman Endara Falia of Risan on the USS Triumphant. Her pheremones have not been a problem since and they have become good friends. Now on the USS Eagle she has her own room but still maintains her close friendship with Endara.


  • 237604.21 - age 18 - Entered Starfleet Academy
  • 237708.03 - age 19 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy and recruited by Lieutenant Commander Solok to be part of his medical staff on board the USS Kodiak
  • 238012.18 - age 22 - Transfered to SB118 for additional training
  • 238106.09 - age 23 - Promoted to Petty Officer and joined medical team sent to Kavis III colony
  • 238202.14 - age 24 - Transfered to the USS Triumphant
  • 238407.22 - age 26 - Promoted to Petty Officer 1st class
  • 238409.01 - age 26 - Transfered to the USS Constitution-B
  • 238501.07 - age 27 - Transfered to the USS Eagle

Additional Information

  • Nurse Premba was created by Lieutenant Commander Solok