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Homeworld: Prantis III

Alrakis Sector
Promell Sector
Gavaria Sector
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Local Species
Stellar Phenomenae
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Federation Presence
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At this time almost nothing is known of the history of this race. The early records show that they had superior technology and prefered not to have aliens set foot on their planet. While they could not prevent it at that time things quickly changed. In less than 10 years they had built and constructed the nessassary facilities to launch into space a large and complex defensive satallite system. They also added communications, weather, scanning and jamming satallites to their planetary defense as well. On top of this they were able to construct and put into service a gigantic starbase.


The Prantis have a central government which is made up of the most brilliant members of their society. As a race they work together in harmony. In fact the central government is run very much like a huge company. This government is in the capitol city of Ya'Th'iss.

All the occupants of the city are emplyed by the government and they can work their way up the ladder of success until they eventually gain a position of importantance. Maybe even that of CEO of the planet.

Smaller cities have their own CEO or Mayor but anyone can transfer from one city to another as long as their is a position waiting for them.


This insecoid race stand about 4 feet tall with 2 massive back legs. They can jump over 20 feet. They have 4 arms and 2 compound eyes on either side of their heads. They can lift 5 times their weight which is usually about 50 lbs. While they appear to be a very fragile race with their extremely narrow body and stick like arms their green skin is actually a very tough kind of carapace armour.

They have excellent vision and are able to do very intricate work with their highly nimble claw like hands. They make excellent engineers, craftsmen and scientists. Their doesn't appear to be any significant differance between males and females. In fact non Prantis find it impossible to tell them apart.


They have a totally alien physiology. Many of their internal organs preform functions not seen in most other life forms. They have compound eyes. They breath in through holes in their bodies hard carapace.


They have a strong desire to learn, solve problems and creat newer and better devices. The individual is not as important as their society as a whole.


They have no true religion unless it is that of learning something new that they can them bring back and teach to the rest of their people. Knowledge is their holy grail.


They do not seem to have any myths.


They have a hive society that strives to build large cities. These cities are usually independent of each other. At the same time each city seems to operate like a large company. Every member of any city works hard to improve not only their city but their position in it. This results in the best of the best climbing the ladder of success and eventually earning a seat on the cities board of directors.


They do not seem to have any true form of culture. No music, art or form of dance. They spend most of their time either working or studying.


Their does not seem to be any recognizable customs.


Their culture is post warp and very highly advanced even thou they do not build or manufacture any starships. They do build many of the systems that other races buy to install in their starships. These include shield and weapon systems. They do however build very small ships. These range from shuttles to 10 man craft capable of deep space travel.

The city is clean, with lights and transport tubes everywhere. The city is protected by a wide range of safety features from weapon instilations to shield generators. All of them superior to those that they sell to off worlders.


They have no true military. What they do have are a large number of defensive satellites as well as a large number of automated ground defence systems. Between them they can bring enough firepower into play on any given location in space to cripple even some of the biggest and most dangerous starships native to this section of space.