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Pranthe Drive Yards is the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the Empire and owns several subsidiary corporations including Pranthe Systems Engineering and Selid Heavy Engineering. PDY is one of the few major corporations which remains independently owned and operated within the Empire. Pranthe Drive Yards' major competitors for major military contracts include Ard'is Fleet Systems and Renaar Engineering Corporation. PDY orbits the planet of Pranthe, which is its namesake.

The main shipyards in the Pranthe system actually ring the entirety of the system and, in terms of sheer manufacturing ability, it was first among equals.

PDY also sells planetary turbolasers, which, according to their catalog, form the "first, last, and only line of defense" for a planet.


Pranthe Systems Engineering

This subsidiary was in operation toward the end of the Republic. It built numerous original ships used by independents, contracted out to companies for lines of vessels, and

Some of PSE's products included:

  • Kolit-class interceptor
  • Trondir-class Orbital Interceptor

Selid Heavy Engineering

Selid Heavy Engineering primarily served the Republic by producing the majority of its planetary-based vehicles during the Vodran Wars. This subsidiary was in operation prior to and during the Vodran Wars. It was based on the planet Selid, but was bought out by PDY after the war.

Some of Selid's products include: