Din Pomel

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Vital Statistics

Name: Din Pomel
Rank: Petty Officer, 2nd class
Position: Brig Rating
Assignment: USS Triumphant
Species: Andorian
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10", 6' with the antenna
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair color: snow white and shoulder length
Eye color: grayish blue
Build: Slim, athletic yet feminine
Skin tone: Light blue
Place of birth: USS Sunrider


She is 5'10" tall and weights a trim 130 lbs. She has long snow white hair, startling grayish blue eyes and a slim athletic, feminine form that has made some heads turn. She has a bit of a playful side and is always willing to make friends, but when it comes to business, she takes things a little more seriously than most.


Raised in Starfleet aboard a number of different star ships, Din is used to taking orders. Aboard her Father's former postings, she learned discipline, and how to adapt quickly to change. This enabled her to get admitted to Starfleet Academy early. She has spent almost her entire life on star ships. While she has visited Andor with her family her true home has always been starfleet.


  • Born onboard USS Sunrider.
  • Raised by Mother, Hepol and Father, Bordeil aboard the USS Nightingale, USS Shimmering Sun, and USS Sunrider.
  • Age 16 - Father posted to Starfleet research facility as lead technician, Family moved to Earth.
  • Age 17 - Enlisted in Starfleet
  • Age 18 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy and posted to the USS Brand
  • Age 20 - Transfered to DS12
  • Age 22 - Recieved specialist training
  • Age 23 - Promoted to Petty Officer and transfered to USS Triumphant