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Podcast Team
Podcast Team-logo.png

Team Faciliator

    • Lazarus Davis

Team Co-Faciliator

    • Geoffrey Teller

  • Interested in joining the team? Here's how.
    • Contact a Podcast Facilitator.

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The Podcast Team is responsible for The PADDcast, an in-universe podcast that gets real-world, wide release. The release schedule for The PADDcast is monthly, so this is an active team in terms of specific deadlines and tasks, but individual tasks are typically small time commitments, typically no more than you'd spend on writing a solid sim.

Team Members

  • Facilitator: Lieutenant Lazarus Davis (Host of Lazer-Focused with Lazarus, composer, editor)
  • Co-Facilitator: Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller (Host, Purveyor of fine advertisements)
  • Editor: Senior Commander Nugra
  • Contributors: none
  • Guest Contributors: none

Team Role Explanations

  • Facilitator: Responsible for the Podcast Team and has final say over the content of The PADDcast, like a Praetor
  • Co-Facilitator: Responsible for the Podcast Team and assists in final day over podcast content, but more like a Viceroy
  • Editor: Responsible to edit whole episodes; and when available, help contributors with editing segments
  • Contributors: Expected to (co-)lead a team comprised of Contributors and Guest Contributors, and to take an active and substantial role in creating at least 4 segments each year. This is the cast of regulars that create the PADDcast content. To be a contributor, you do not need to be on mic (but you most certainly can.)
  • Guest Contributors: similar to a Contributor, and will make content for the PADDcast. It is a junior role to the senior role of Contributors. By working with contributors, you'll learn how we do the PADDcast and gain the skills you need to become a full Contributor. (Technically not considered a team member for purposes of advancement in the fleet because Guest Contributors can participate as much or at little as they like.)

Joining Podcast Team

Membership to Podcast Team is by application. Applications enthusiastically open to all members of rank Ensign or higher. The application process is simple: contact the facilitator or co-facilitator via email or Discord, and when asked, provide a sample of your work. Something small, and can be something you've made before. We want to see/hear/read what you're capable of. (And don't worry, we'll provide you with constructive feedback and resources to help you improve if you don't make the cut!)

We recognize this is somewhat uncommon among the teams but because of the public nature of the podcast, we want to make sure Starbase 118 sounds as good as it is to write!

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