Player achievements/Duty Post

Duty post achievements are optional and are not required for promotion. They are given for players that utilize qualities of a particular duty post.

Player Achievements
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Achievement Name Achievement Description
Command Division
Do a barrel roll
Performed a barrel roll maneuver in a small/auxiliary craft.
First Star on the Right
Undertook shuttle flight re-qualifications under helm officer supervision.[1]
Fancy flier
Performed a fancy helm maneuver to avoid immanent danger on mission.
Informed diplomat
Prepared a brief diplomatic guide regarding a particular alien species or culture for the wiki.
With all due respect
Go head to head with a government official, and win.
Tell me, Atlas. What is heavier?
Felt the weight of the Chain of Command by either making an impossible choice, plagued by terrible guilt, had an "It's all my fault!" moment, or been held accountable publicly.
Participated in a post-action debriefing with an intelligence officer or mission specialist.[1]
I Cannot Make Bricks Without Clay
Prepared a mission briefing or intelligence report for the wiki.
Prevented a Diplomatic Incident.
Still Tongue, Big Ears
Engage in diplomatic talks with a member(s) of another faction.


Achievement Name Achievement Description
Operations Division
Rules of engagement
Wrote a security/tactical “after action report” about a ship battle or hand-to-hand combat situation, with analysis, future recommendations, and conclusions, on the wiki.
Case closed
Help close a murder case.
Arresting officer
Arrest a party accused of wrong-doing.
Gadgets and gizmos
Created a new piece of equipment for regular use, or designed new technology.
Reinventing the wheel
Combined or re-engineered existing technology to serve a specific purpose.
Well connected
Joined the Engineer's Trading Post.
Part of the team
Participate in a mission as part of the Search and Rescue team.
Red Shirt Shooting Club
Undertook phaser or self-defence re-qualifications under security officer supervision.[1]
Stone Eagle
Participated in a protective escort mission. (General Order 15 exists, right?!)
Everyday I'm Shufflin'
Participated in a damage control team drill under engineering officer supervision.[1]
This is Not a Drill
Participated in an emergency (fire, abandon ship, mass evacuation, etc) drill under operations officer supervision.[1]
Elementary MacGyvering
Side-stepped a crisis (such as a warp core breach, communications loss, etc) with a match, camera timer and Morse code. Or whatever.


Achievement Name Achievement Description
Sciences Division
Up for evaluation
Provided a brief summary assessment that another player can include in their character's medical record on the wiki.
Created a Memory 118 entry on the wiki about a new discovery encountered during a mission.
It's part of the job
Treat a civilian or an officer’s injury during a mission.
I'm in the Middle of Some Calibrations
Undertook tricorder/sensor analysis refresher session under science officer supervision.[1]
I See Trees of Phlebotinum
Participated in a scientific examination of a specific subject (plant, animal, mineral, star, etc). Just don't touch it.
Primum Nil Nocere
Applied the principles of combat medicine during a conflict. Starfleet Combat Medicine Manual.
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