Pitstop at DS9 (USS Oumuamua)

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Pitstop at DS9: Mission Start

Commodore V'Airu, Captain

Commanding officer's log, Stardate 240012.26. USS 'Oumuamua, Ossa V'Airu commanding.

At the conclusion of perhaps the most unusual and high stakes archaeological mission I have ever been a part of, the 'Oumuamua has returned to the Alpha Quadrant for an extended refit and period of leave for the crew. We have docked initially at Deep Space Nine, in the Bajoran system and at the mouth of the Bajoran Wormhole, and I have already dismissed the crew at large to leave. Following this mission and the extended travel time back through the Gamma Quadrant, I am certain that the crew was delighted for the time off duty.

In fact, I am sure I engage too egregiously in hyperbole. Although the mission was not what I, personally, expected it to be, I understand that we have made enormous strides in reconstructing pieces of ancient history, including some of the histories of the Manraloth, the Scourge, and the apparent Bajorans represented by individual Torka. There are certainly lasting implications for Bajoran history, at the very least -- and on that note, there is another reason why I chose the Bajoran system for our leave. While in the Gamma Quadrant, we recovered an Orb, one of the so-called Tear of the Prophets, and as the most distant recovered from the Bajoran system, it ought to be repatriated immediately. Some of my senior staff have agreed to see to that duty over the leave period.

Nor have we returned alone. Commander Etan and Ensign Nilsen will best understand how to handle the -- essences, remains, contacts? I'm uncertain of the correct phrase -- well, in any event, Etan and Na'shaala, and Nilsen and Torka, whose further stories have yet to unfold.

As for the ship's commanding officer: I found myself in the unenviable position of remaining in a state of unconsciousness for most of the mission proper, though I was much busier than might have been expected given that state. I have much to learn and even more to understand about my abilities and my recent experiences, and I hope to use the leave time to do just that.

End log.


Reports to Follow