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Lieutenant Piravao sh'Qynallahr

Basic Stats

Full name: Piravao sh'Qynallahr
Race: Andorian
Place of Birth: Borva Castle, Kul'Tan, Andoria
Date of Birth: 236801.16
Age: 29
Gender: Shen


Height: 1.62m (5'4")
Hair colour: White
Hair length: Short, usually kept just off her shoulders
Eye colour: Blue
Skin tone: Cobalt
Handedness: Left
Voice: Soft, yet passionate
Tattoos/Scars: Stylized Altirith tattooed on her right shoulder


On duty Piravao, is a very different person to off duty Piravao. While on duty, she is serious and hardworking. When she comes off duty, the serious exterior is shed, and Piravao becomes friendly, sociable, and joking. She rarely says no to a challenge, the crazier and more risky the challenge, the better in her opinion. She is deeply loyal, and would be willing to risk her own life to protect the lives of her friends.


  • Zabathu Riding - An Andorian animal somewhere between a Terran Camel and Horse
  • Andorian Martial Arts


  • Games of skill
  • Challenges
  • Daredevilry - Piravao is something of a daredevil and thrill-seeker, a trait she shares with her Shreva
  • Hats - She has quite the collection


  • The favours her mothers keep trying to pull in for her
  • Heat - Andoria is cold! While she has acclimatized to warmer climates, warmer areas are uncomfortable for Piravao
  • People commenting on her height. She knows she is short! You don't need to keep reminding her!
  • Sickbay, Hospitals, and other places of medicine and healing. They make her feel uneasy, though she is not quite sure why.


Zartholh ch’Ithyrraqb - Charan (Father)
Ashryvoss th’Shaallak - Thavan (Father)
Ejherenna zh’Qynallahr - Zhavey (Mother)
Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes - Shreva (Mother)
Akyrevav th’Qynallahr - Thi (Brother)
Itoviann ch’Qynallahr - Chi (Brother)

Too many aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins to list. Piravao comes from a large family.

Personal History

Piravao sh’Qynallahr was born on Stardate 236802.16 in her Zhavey’s (Mother’s) Clan Keep at Borva Castle, in the Kul’Tun region of Andoria. Growing up in Borva Castle, and the surrounding city, Piravao had no shortage of friends and family members around her at all times. In late 2370, her parents had a second child, whom they named Akyrevav. Already having a large family, and several cousins younger than her, Piravao saw her new Thi (Brother) as nothing special at first. As they got older, Piravao and Akyrevav began to understand the subtle difference between Clan and Family. As such, they became much closer, almost inseparable at times.

Jhozahosh sh’Avhennes, Piravao’s Shreva (mother), was a Lieutenant in the Andorian Imperial Guard, and when the Dominion War broke out in 2373, she left to fight alongside Starfleet. With her Shreva away at war, and her Zhavey often busy at the Andorian Parliament, Piravao grew closer to her Fathers. Once the War ended in 2375, Piravao expected that her mothers would spend more time at home, but they did not. As a representative of their Clan to the Andorian Parliament, her Zhavey was heavily involved in Federation Politics and current affairs, which were in chaos due to the War. Her Shreva, as a Guardswoman, was assigned to duties across the Federation as they recovered from the War. Contact with her mothers was sporadic at best. It wasn’t until 2383, eight years after the war had ended, that her mothers finally returned home.

Their relationship with Piravao was poor, she had grown up without knowing her Shreva and always wondering when she would next see her Zhavey, if only for a day or two. Her mothers tried to rekindle a relationship with their Shei (Daughter), but Piravao wasn’t interested. Early in 2384, shortly after the birth of Itoviann (Piravao’s Chi (Brother)), in a typical hormone fueled teenage argument with her mothers, Piravao stormed off, packed a bag, and walked out of the Clan Keep.

Piravao started hiking across Andoria, following La’Len’s trail across the northern coast to the Jonava Mountains. At the foothills of the mountains, she encountered a group of nomads, who introduced themselves as members of Clan Reiji. Having no better plans, she accepted their invitation to travel with them through the mountains, and discover some of the old ways of Andoria. She learnt much from the Reiji, and picked up a few of their customs. During the winter the band of Reiji set camp on the shores of Emarnl Lake. During that winter, Piravao, along with Ezitesh, a Zhen that she had befriended, received matching tattoos on their right shoulders of a stylized Atlirith, representing their freedom and friendship. Ezitesh was born and raised as a member of Clan Reiji, but wished for more. When the winter ended, and the Reiji decided to head south, Ezitesh and Piravao headed north, back toward Piravao’s home at Borva Castle.

The journey was long, and they arrived only a couple of days before the end of the year. Piravao’s family were greatly relieved to see her, as they hadn’t heard from her since before she had joined the nomadic Reiji. Unfortunately, everything did not go well after that. Her Zhavey quickly told her of a marriage which had been planned for her, while her Shreva informed her of the position that had been secured for her in the Imperial Guard. Piravao wanted neither of these. Several arguments and one fist fight later, and Piravao walked out again. This time, along with Ezitesh, Piravao caught the first transport to the Capital, where the pair had both decided to enlist in Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet History

Ezitesh failed the entrance exam, while Piravao passed. She decided to major in Security, with a minor in Engineering, while Ezitesh started taking courses to prepare for a medical career, and so their paths diverged. Piravao had always been a hard worker, however the Academy put this to the test. Her grades were good, and in 2389 she was assigned to the Akira class USS Gilkar’ma, a primarily Andorian vessel, for her Cadet Cruise and final test. She believed she had gotten this prestigious assignment on account of her grades and hard work, it was only after she graduated, and was promoted to Ensign, that she discovered that her Zhavey had pulled in a couple of favours from the Academy Commander to get her assigned there. This infuriated Piravao, who requested a transfer, but was denied. She spent a year as a Security officer on the USS Glikar'ma, displaying quick thinking and a level head at all times, she was clearly an officer dedicated to her career. In early 2390 she heard from her CO that her mothers were meddling in her affairs once again, trying to influence and steer her career. In an attempt to escape their influence, and to tell them to leave her and her career alone, she sent in an application to join the Starfleet Rangers, to her surprise, it was accepted.

On Stardate 239002.11 she began her training as a Ranger. It was here that Piravao made her first non-Andorian friends. While she had interacted with non-Andorians before, these were the first she became close with and considered friends. These new friends, with vastly different backgrounds and world views, helped Piravao to realize that there was more to life than her career. While Ranger training challenged her physically and mentally, her friends challenged her views and beliefs. They pulled her out of her shell of career and duty, and helped to shape a more mature and well rounded Piravao. When she completed her Ranger training in 2392, Piravao moved to the borders of the Federation, working with communities in troubled areas, assisting with everything from building and equipment repairs, to assisting local security forces in times of need.

In 2397 Piravao was assigned to the USS Gorkon as a Security/Tactical Officer.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 2389 Graduated Starfleet Academy, Andorian Branch Security Officer
Ensign 2389-239002.11 USS Glikar'ma Security Officer
Lieutenant JG 239002.11 - 239205.05 Location Classified Starfleet Ranger Training
239205.05 - 239601.12 Federation Borders Starfleet Ranger
Lieutenant 239601.12 - 239702.28
239702.28 - Present USS Gorkon Security and Tactical Officer

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