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Pirates of the Quantum Realms (Veritas)

Plot Summary

The USS Veritas has been on the hunt for a faction of "vanishing pirates" that have terrorized shipping lanes and threaten the security of the entire region. Following the continued brazen attacks by pirates across five sectors that has spread now to the previously secure Mother Road, Starfleet has shifted the mission of its main presence (USS Veritas) in the Shoals to apprehending the pirate ship or faction responsible. However, despite disabling and capturing a number of pirate vessels over the last few weeks, Captain Roshanara Rahman and her crew have not been able to find the culprits responsible.

Veritas instead picked up two possible pirates (Oliver "Ollie" Zuccaro and Lena Josett) that may know more about the mysterious heists, along with an alternate Commander Sky Blake, who is evidently captain of the USS Veritas in her home universe and from whom Zuccaro and Josett stole something.

Zuccaro and Josett then reveal to Rahman that the pirate captain Henley Marths has taken from them a displacement-activated spore hub drive (aka the "spore drive" from Star Trek: Discovery) that allows near-instantaneous travel across the galaxy and also across different quantum realities (thus explaining how they were able to get to Commander Blake's Veritas and steal from her). Fortunately, Marths is unable to use the drive as (unknown to Rahman), Zuccaro and Josett have kept the fuel for the drive (the spores) to themselves aboard Veritas.

Rahman and her crew are now tasked with apprehending Marths and confiscating the spore drive to prevent Marths crew from getting it back online to escape and continue their pirate raids. Rahman ordered a team to head to Ashworth Station, a known pirate gathering place, to find out the whereabouts of Marths' hideout. Meanwhile, Rahman and Veritas responded to a distress call from a freighter that was recently attacked by Marths.