Piktar system/Piktar I

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Piktar I
Stellar Cartography
Region Menthar Corridor
Sector Ephum Bevis
System Piktar System
Sun(s) Pikta
Moon(s) 1 (Unnamed)
Class P
Diameter 149,600,000
Atmosphere breathable
Hydrosphere 12%
Climate Arctic
Gravity 0.89g
Primary terrain Wasteland
Points of interest None
Length of Day 12hr
Length of Year 20 days
Native species None
Other species None
Official Language NA
Population NA
Technological Classification NA
Major cities NA
Imports NA
Exports NA
Affiliation None
Government None

Planetary Description

Piktar I is a frozen wasteland that has grown cold from the dying star that it orbits. It still has a thin, but breathable aptmosphere and is buffeted year around by horrible snow storms that sometimes covers half the planet. It is unknown if Piktar I ever had life on it to begin with.

Outpost Bravo

Outpost Bravo

The planet is presently the home of a small research outpost conducting ground based experiments and is linked up with Prometheus Station. Outpost Bravo is the home of 76 scientists and 48 various personnel.

Station Layout


The station is equipped with two airlocks, the first used for the coming and going of personnel and the second as a backup if the station faces a catastrophic issue. Each location is included with not only enough EVA suits for the staff, but also a decent amount of spares for repairs, backups, and visiting personnel.


The kitchen is a full service station equipped to provide for the whole entire crew. There are not only facilities for real cooking, but also banks of replicators to assist for non-cooked meals.


The Main Laboratory is filled with all manner of scientific equipment to help maintain and study the facility's biologicals. This is where most of the scientists spend their time working.

Hot Room

Outpost Floor Plan

Outpost Bravo, being the premier research facility for biological entities is equipped with a hot room, where containment protocol is at its max. This is the location that people study the highly dangerous items that if released, could cause immense damage to the population.

Cold Storage

Cold storage is a containment facility that funnels the frigid atmosphere of the planet in to the room so that specimens stay in a permanent state of inactivity.

Crew Quarters

Crew Quarters are made up of both small double occupancy rooms and executive suites. The Executive suits reserved for the station's director and visiting dignitaries.