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Arriving on the USS Atlantis-239202.09

I have been warmly welcomed aboard. HoweverI found the Sick Bay to be in a ghastly state. It will be a challenge to take care of the members of this crew. No doubt I will be put on the forefront in the battle against diseases. I will perform my duty to the best of my ability and will hold firm to my Hippocratic Oath. Johnathan T. Pike Signature.png

Meeting the crew-239202.13

Unfortunately I have found that the Sick Bay is closed off by its own deck so Unless I move I will have trouble finding ways to interact with the crew. I have also found that none of the crew has had any recent physical so I will start with that. No doubt it will be a challenge. I have also beeen informed by a mentor that the CMO is often supposed to be a guiding ear to the captain on health matters and matters of conscience as well as an advocate for peace. (Probably because all of us in medical have to clean up after the battle) This indeed will be an interesting position to fill.

On another note I have met a charming young lady named T'Var Helling I hope to become good friends with her. She is rather well mannered for a Klingon. I have noticed some scars on her neck. I wonder what those are from. Johnathan T. Pike Signature.png

A Date-239202.13

I have asked to escort T'Var to an engagement party and she has accepted. It has been a lovely evening she is a very interesting woman. Though I have only known her for a very short time perhaps we can become more than friends in the future. End log.

T'Var Helling
Johnathan T. Pike Signature.png


There have been a great many events that I have found disturbing. I have lost in my care one of the most brilliant scientists in starfleet. She spent her last words giving coordinates to a place that is now destroyed. Many good people have died. I only fear for what is to come. The havoc that is to take place I cannot deal with on my own. End Log.

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Bright New Beginnings-239208.05

After a short LOA which was suggested due to my traumatic experience at Bravo station I have transferred to the USS Avandar a recommissioned Ship. The USS Atlantis was decommissioned after the sad stepping down of its Captain, Raj Blueheart, who could no longer bear the responsibilities of his position. He however has seemed to manage the position of CMO on the same ship I am now positioned. It will indeed be interesting to see what this new ship will do for me. End Log.

Johnathan T. Pike Signature.png