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Aigle's relationship with her family is, at best, rocky. In all honesty, it is almost completely non-existent beyond limited contact from her brother and the occasional gently chiding message from her Aunt Beatrix. By this point, Aigle would probably be quite open to reconciliation - provided her Father made the first move.

Aigle is generally able to form friendships easily, and is very eager to meet new people particularly those from far off or interesting places - which to her is most places outside of Til'ahn. Generally Aigle likes to think that she is pretty easy-going and hopefully fun to be around. On the romantic side however, Aigle has had little success. Due to her status it was competitively difficult to form any early adolescent relationships, however she did have several during her time in Lokesh University. None were particularly serious however and even the longest lasted less than six months.


  • Marital Status: Single.


  • Children: None.


The Right Honourable Abeiron Phos, 15th Earl of Demo in the Great Kingdom of Damodara

Abeiron Phos

Growing up Aigle usually thought him a rather distant Father, however considering his position and the number of her siblings it was not unsurprising. He did make it apparent however that he took great pride in his eldest daughter's academic accomplishments and her strength as a fielder to pretty much anyone who would listen. Certainly, Aigle had a far better relationship with him as an adult then as a child, with him often showing interest in her work. Any remaining semblance of their relationship ended however in 237910, when upon his confronting Aigle over her increasingly public anti-monarchic politics the discussion ended with her expressing the opinion that the monarchy should be tried for crimes against his people. Since then, neither party has spoken to each other, both consider each other persona no grata, and Aigle publicly renounced any connection to her family and her title.

The Right Honourable Lady Gwyndolin Phos-Murchadha of Demo in the Great Kingdom of Damodara

Gwyndolin Phos

Born The Honourable Gwyndolin Murchadha of Avon in the Great Kingdom of Devi before adopting her husbands issue upon marriage, although she tends to prefer to go by Gwyn than her full name Gwyndolin (To such an extent that even in semi-formal situations she was referred to as Lady Gwyn). Aigle was really rather close to her growing up, Gwyndolin put great value on education, knowledge, and the arts - all things that Aigle grew to love herself - and took great pleasure in sharing these with her offspring none moreso than Aigle. Gwyndolin made herself responsible for her children's education, teaching them with a combination of tutors and her own personal expertise in Laudian Literature (Modern & Historical) and Language. Even while she she was at University Aigle regularly wrote to, and received, letters from her containing a surprising amount of openness on a wide range of issues. Out of all of her family, Aigle misses her mother the most but refuses to contact her as she cannot bear the thought of Gwyndolin rejecting her as so many others of her family have.

The Honourable Akakios Phos of Demo in the Great Kingdom of Damodara

Akakios Phos

Aigle's older brother by 6 years and currently a practising Barrister. In all, he was your typical stuffy, overbearing Brother growing up although Aigle was rather fond of him even when he was being a pompous pletrok. Aigle and Galênê were very fond of making fun of him and playing the occasional practical joke growing up, although in their defence he did tend to act rather dismissively of them. Like most of Aigle's family members, she actually got along a lot better with him as an adult - his personality having mellowed and Akakios having finally 'got' her obsessions. He was largely responsible for ensuring the family escaped the worst of the Great Revolutions' excesses against the nobility, and still regularly sends communications to Aigle keeping her abreast of family news. She pretends she doesn't read them, but really she thinks its the kindest gesture Akakios has ever extended to her.

The Honourable Lady Galênê Phos of Demo in the Great Kingdom of Damodara

Galênê Phos

Aigle's non-identical twin sister. In their childhood they were inseparable, doing practically everything together, however as they grew up they began to drift apart Galênê preferring more outdoors-y pursuits while Aigle developed into a major bookworm. Initially, Galênê tried to patch things up between Aigle and her Father however both sides displayed the kind of obstinacy that only a Phos could summon.


Collim Kieran

Kieran Collim

Aigle met Kieran during her first shore leave on the USS Doyle-A in the ship's own Baker Street Irregulars bar. They got talking, finding out that they had shared a few past postings and had a few shared interests. Kieran, who was suffering from a telepathically induced version of the Al-Leyan season, invited Aigle back to her quarters. An offer Aigle accepted.


Greir Reinard

Phos: Ah yea, there is a reason for that. I don’t suppose either of you know what ::mumbled:: umm… What is it in Standard… Umm… synaesthesia is?

Reinard: I’m familiar with it.

Phos: Yes, but instead of it reacting with numbers or patterns, it reacted to my fielding ability. For instance, Andorians always seem a bit warmer than humans, so instead of their skin being blue it seems red-ish to me.

Chen: I’m red to you?

Phos, Chen and Greir Reinard talk about fielding and Aigle's Synaesthesia.
"The Grand Unveiling, Part II" - SD 239106.11
Greir Reinard

Aigle first met Greir when she contacted the then Commander Greir Reinard of the USS Vigilant while she was travelling to her first assignment on the USS Discovery-C Aigle was curious to hear the experiences of another Laudean in the fleet. Later on, she was assigned to the USS Darwin-A under Greir - a fact she was pretty happy about given the fact that he was the first Laudean Captain in Starfleet - were the two got to talk even more often meeting during shore leave. Aigle presented Greir and his fiancé Chen with a full-sized painting of the Darwin at warp, painted from her own unique perspective.



Aigle first met Chen when she presented him and Greir with a painting of the USS Darwin-A. While she doesn't know him quite as well as she did Greir, she got on rather well with the Andorian in the interaction she did have and she is rather willing to trust in Greir's choice of friends.


Udas: If the antennae weren't a dead give away, I'm an Andorian *thaan*. For those of you who aren't familiar with what that means, it means that I am passionate. I also have a quick temper. But I am fair and I will never treat you in a way that you do not deserve. Give me 100% and you will earn 100% of my respect. I expect the best from you, but I also encourage you to have fun. Socialize with each other and other departments. My door is always open and I enjoy a good round or ten at the bar. Eat, drink and be merry, as you humans are fond of saying.

Udas's introduction to his new department on the USS Constitution-B.
"Familiar Faces in Strange Places" - SD 239109.12

Aigle originally met Udas as he transferred over to the USS Darwin-A. All of the senior staff were old-world, making him the highest ranked officer on the bridge. Ever since then, Aigle has served with Udas with him assuming the role of Chief of Science on the USS Excalibur-A and USS Constitution-B, promoting her to Lt. Junior Grade and Assistant Chief of Science on the Later. They have developed a great working relationship and Aigle had really grown to like the Andorian. After returning to the Doyle after a brief LoA, their relationship changed rather dramatically. Udas was angry and hurt by Phos' sudden leave and Aigle was hurt and upset by his obvious indication of this. On 239207.07, Udas suddenly and without warning transferred to Starbase 118 Ops. As the scenario was awfully similar to the one that Udas had nearly broken their friendship over when she took an LoA, and given his reaction to it Aigle is currently rather indignant and is, if anything, even less sure that their friendship can be repaired.



Aigle first met James during the long journey during her transfer from the USS Discovery-C to the USS Darwin-A. She found it very pleasant to talk to someone with a working knowledge and interest of warp mechanics. She did think the he needed to lighten up a little though and spend much less time working. Before their transfer to the USS Excalibur-A Aigle gifted James a painting of how she saw the Darwin's warp core with her unique view.

Ceciri Ariadust

ARIADUST: Glad I could be of help. I’d be a poor friend if I didn’t even try, right?

PHOS: And try you certainly did! ::smiling:: You know, I really feel like I’ve lifted a weight off my shoulders… So. Fancy another drink? On me?

Ceciri listens to Aigle's problems, providing some help but most importantly a willing ear.
"Sometimes you want to go where everybody's glad you came" - SD 239206.12
Ceciri Ariadust

Aigle has met Ceciri a few times now across the Constitution and had begun to really like the younger Cygnian. After transferring to the Doyle, Ceciri invited Aigle out for a drink at which point they discussed Aigle's current problem with Udas. While talking, Ceciri also got the dubious honour of being the first person Aigle had actually ever told about her Family situation.

Sabrina Holly

Phos: I'm always happy to watch something new... Wait, this was your first relationship?

Holly: It was, but I’ll survive.

Aigle: You will, ::muttered:: he might not be so lucky.

Holly: Aw... just don’t get caught. Not sure I could handle losing another friend right now.
"Ice Cream" - SD 239208.29

Sabrina Holly

Aigle first met Sabrina during the mission Chains of the Sisterhood when Sabrina lead her away team. She didn't really get to talk to her however, until that shoreleave when she met her in the Doyle's bar. Upon hearing that Sabrina had recently ended her current relationship, Aigle offered a girl's night in as a good way to help her get over it.


Tyriden th'Dani

TYRIDEN: ::swiftly pointing dead ahead and slightly above his eyeline:: That one. ::pause:: No, I'm just kidding! I can't tell without looking at a chart these days. That shows just how long I've been grounded on this station.

PHOS: See that tiny speck there? I'm told it's meant to be sort of Orangy-yellow. That was my home.

TYRIDEN: ::antennae perking up again:: Was?

PHOS: I just haven't been back in a long time. After all I have a universe to explore!

Phos and Tyriden th'Dani introduce themselves to each other by discussing their planets of origin.
"A new home" - SD 239008.06
Tyriden th'Dani

The first person Aigle met upon arriving on DS-285. Aigle liked how friendly Tyriden was to her and had fun helping him out with arrangements for the the Discovery's memorial ceremony - even if this was later cancelled.


Shirazi Myrta

Myrta Shirazi

Aigle met Shirazi after returning to the Doyle, after a brief LoA. She doesn't know too much about the officer, but she seems easy enough to work with - which Aigle is happy about.


Todd Manius

Todd Manius

Phos only ever really met Todd once, when she came to him for medical treatment after a minor lab accident on the USS Darwin-A. Despite this, due to his position as her room-mate, he was able to provide a near constant annoyance thought her time on the Darwin. Phos was... not exactly the tidiest of people and Todd was, in Aigle's own words 'a bit of a neat freak'. This resulted in a serious of increasingly passive aggressive notes left on PADDs in their room, as well as a few (on Phos's part) somewhat childish actions such as re-arranging his holotapes. Due to both of them transferring off the Darwin the situation was never really resolved and honestly Aigle still doesn't quite know what she thinks of him.

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