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2343 Born on Denobula: Pholin was born on stardate 234304.15 in Iyax, a relatively cold province on Denobula.
2361 Denobulan Science Academy: After some detours, Pholin got accepted into and started studying at the prestigious Denobulan Science Academy.
2368 Graduation: He graduated from the Science Academy at the age of 25 finishing his studies in Sociology. He would stay working for the DSA, which was mainly sitting behind a desk.
2369 Bajor: Hearing of the liberation of Bajor, he and his university mentor setup a project. Where they and some other Denobulans went to Bajor to help rebuilding it, while also studying the impact it had on society.

Hana: On Bajor he met Hana, a Denobulan/Bajoran who had lived on Bajor her entire life. She was a diplomat, who was part of the negotiations between the rebels and the Cardassians.

2373 Marrying: After becoming more and more interested in each other, Pholin married to Hana. They temporarily moved to Deep Space Nine, as the rebuilding had completed. They didn't want to go back to Denobula just yet as he was in an argument with both his parents.

Lalun: Nine months later, Lalun was born on DS9. Pholin quit his job for the DSA and focused completely on his daughter.

Dominion: After the rising tensions between the Federation and the Dominion, the Dominion attack DS9 with Pholin and his newborn daughter still there. His transport wouldn't arrive until a week after that attack. Now the Dominion had taken over the station and he was stuck on there trying to find a transport.

2375 Back to Denobula: Having had a long trip coming from DS9 they made their way back to Denobula.

Suva: Only two months after they moved back to Denobula, Suva was born. Now, Hana and Pholin had two little daughters to care for. The DSA persuaded him to come back and work, but not on off-world missions so he could focus on his children.

2383 Collaboration: On the newly founded science center on Denobula, a collaboration between the DSA and Starfleet was started with Pholin involved
2385 Nelis Duyzer: Nelis Duyzer, a Starfleet scientist, was transferred to Denobula for the collaborative mission. Pholin quickly had an interest in him, as Nelis had only recently discovered his sexuality. They would talk for hours discussing their experiences, which eventually lead to love. They married the same year.
2389 Application: Pholin had always been hold back to doing anything after his children were born. His parents had mostly abandoned him when he was a child, and he did not want to let the same thing happen to his children. However, he really wanted to go out and explore different worlds. He'd love to be in Starfleet, but he knew that he would barely see his children. After he'd asked his children one thousand times, and hearing yes every time, he decided he should go. He applied, but wasn't accepted.
2391 Starfleet Academy: Two years later, after completing several courses to refresh various classes, he applied again and got accepted. He left for San Francisco, Earth and started studying.
2395 Graduation: Four years of feeling young later, he graduated. Minoring in Com/Ops and Majoring in (of course) Science, specialized in Astronomy and Xenology.

Columbia: Now he has just been assigned to the USS Columbia as a fresh new Ensign Pholin Duyzer!

Lieutenant JG: Only on the ship for three months, Pholin found himself promoted to Lieutenant JG on stardate 239512.28.

2396 Change before loss: Pholin learns his parents and brother have gone missing in action on a submarine on Denobula. This devastates him, however, soon after his husband Nelis Duyzer stands in front of his quarters, after a transfer to the Columbia. After a reunion lasting only two minutes, the crew is called to battle stations. An exhausting mission later, Pholin learns that only his father has survived. Pholin is overwhelmed and doesn't know how to react to all this.

Lieutenant: After an exhausting mission, Pholin was promoted to Lieutenant and made Assistant Chief Science Officer of the Columbia on stardate 239602.28.

Hibernation: During the following mission Pholin's sleep cycle got the worse of him, making Pholin fall into hibernation halfway through the mission. He dreamt about the submarine accident, and struggled to believe his father's statement that he couldn't save the rest of the crew after that.

Acting Chief: Even though he only experienced half the mission, he was made Acting Chief Science Officer of the Columbia on stardare 239606.03.

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