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Personal Logs

USS Columbia - 239509.12 to 240105.21
Missing In Action - 239509.12 to 239511.03
Ensign Pholin Duyzer's personal log, stardate 239511.04. Our first mission on the USS Columbia has just concluded succesfully. It started, for me, on my first shift on bridge duty. I learned that the Captain had taken the Kumari, the captain's yacht, for a test flight. It didn't respond to our hails and wasn't visible to our sensors. After a comprehensive sweep we found three different signals. The acting CO called for an emergency meeting where he divided the senior staff into different away teams. I was assigned in doctor G'Renn's team along with Tatash and Jolara. We were to go after the third signal on a planet on the edge of the Sagittarius Reach. We chose to fly a shuttle there and an hour later we departed on the Laurel Clark. After a rough flight we were contacted by lieutenant commander Thoran telling us that they had found some sort of signal not far from our landing site. We decided to hike there and enjoy the beautiful nature. Meanwhile, I tracked the signal on my tricorder, eventually leading the team to it. I then ran into some sort of cloaking/energy field throwing me back a few meters. I do not remember much of it, but I remember a flashback throwing me all the way back to the Dominion attack. I wasn't injured much, the worst was my elbow but that quickly went away. We managed to disable that field and found a small town hidden underneath the cloaking field. While walking into it and scanning the place, they were suddenly attacked by an unknown target. It was an unknown alien, that was scared of unknown intruders. The threat was neutralized and we prepared to enter the largest building, where the signal came from. The alien told us that the place was haunted, so we let it go before we entered it. Inside we found what appeared to be a nuclear reactor. We were then found by people who appeared to be human. They warned us and threathened us. In an attempt to escape, we started to overload the reactor. I tried to keep it under control, but I failed unfortunately. Now, we had to get the hell out of there. We ran out of the building, finding an old Earth "truck". I volunteered to drive it, and if you asked me, I did pretty well. This truck helped us to get to the shuttle in time, but not before encountering the alien we had let go earlier. In an attempt to save him from a nuclear meltdown, Jolara dragged it into the truck before I continued driving. We quickly boarded the shuttle again and took off. Somehow, the reactor didn't explode; I will have to look into that. We had, however, now disabled the magnetic field that had stopped communications earlier so we received orders and heard that the Captain had been found by another away team, not before the security officer and the director had a conflict over taking the alien hostage however. We landed once more to let the alien go and had an uneventful flight back.”

Shoreleave - 239511.03 to 239601.01
Lieutenant JG Pholin Duyzer's personal log, stardate 239601.01. Happy New Years! I celebrated mine by being on-duty and working the night-shift. Well, a lot has happened since my last log. I was a mere ensign then. The ceremony on stardate 239512.24 is not one I remember much of, only that somehow I walked out of it with more pips than I had before. I was not the only one to be promoted of course, my (I guess now former) roommate Saden got the honor as well as some more senior officers. Shoreleave was relaxing after such a stressful mission. I managed to meet Jona in the Look Outt where he was a great listener as well as a good talker. I was also checked up mentally by a professional, although it seemed to be more formalities than actual counseling. I was at least debriefed. Me and some others of the senior staff also had the honors of getting a tour around Dehner Base after we finally made it there. A beautiful base, I have to say. The lead scientist was... difficult, and it is easy to get on her bad side. Most of the other scientists, however, seem to be really motivated and have a lot of experience on the Galactic Barrier. I stayed for a bit after the tour to meet up and talk to my roommate, who had gotten on the bad side of the bartender in the Recreation Wing already. So, we decided to go to the park to see what they had to offer there. Oh, and commander Thoran invited some of the (then) ensigns to go to the holodeck for lens technology he wanted to try out. It was quite a strange experience to put something directly on your eye, but it only got better after that. We met some crazy monks who worshipped Humans as the creators of the galaxy. I hope that those monks are just the commander's crazy dream and not the basis of some crazy conspiracy. Then my promotion supposedly happened, no memories that I was promoted. Now, I'm sitting in Lieutenant's quarters on my bed. I'm waiting for night-shift to begin and I am more than ready to get going again.”

The Battle Of New Year's Day - 239601.01 to 239602.22
Lieutenant JG Pholin Duyzer's personal log, stardate 239602.23. I don't want to repeat myself, but a lot has happened again since my last log. Just half an hour after recording that log, I got a... call from the Denobulan National Waters Organization. They called to tell me that the Pak'cha, my parents' and brother's submarine, had been involved in some kind of accident. Then suddenly, my husband stood in my quarters, apparently having requested a transfer. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but I couldn't be more happy that he was there to support me in that moment. We could've fallen asleep crying, if it wasn't for the sudden call for red alert. We were under attack. I rushed to the bridge, while Nelis rushed to engineering. The Columbia was quickly involved in a heavy space battle against an unknown attacker. I think it was me who came up with a plan to launch a probe to detect the attacking ship, since they seemed to disable our sensors. Not long after, though, our shields failed. Immediately Tactical gave a sign for intruder alert. We repaired parts of the ship one by one and managed to hold the attackers off. The captain and I quickly hailed the Dehner Base, which we assumed was under attack as well, to see what their situation was using the probe as a way to communicate. The archeologist of Dehner Base revealed that the pirates had stolen artifacts of the T'Kon civilization. Unfortunately, the pirates, now in communication with the Columbia, led by Kaironn noticed we were contacting the Base and quickly fled at high warp. Luckily, that gave us some time to breathe. The captain then ordered me and Jona to investigate possible destinations for the ship now named Eildyr. On our way to Astrometrics, the conversation turned lighter, and we joked around a little bit. After all that stress, it helped a lot. After pulling a little prank on Jona, we got started on the calculations, while I was floating in the low-grav. We quickly found out that the pirates couldn't have gone anywhere but the Spiral Nebula. Back on the bridge, the science department was tasked with finding out as much as they could of the T'Kon Empire. I had heard about them of course, but I had never looked into them that much. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to look at as their Empire seemed to be nothing but mystery. We arrived at the Nebula and quickly engaged them again, although I don't remember much of it. It went by really quickly. My task was primarily to locate the artifacts using Solis' mil-wave scanner. Luckily, we won and Kaironn was beamed aboard the Columbia, while the rest of the crew was allowed to go. I didn't agree, but understood it was a compromise. People's bridge duty slowly came to an ending, and the Captain left me in command of the bridge. Sitting down in the big chair for the first time was... wonderful. It felt empowering. I thought the whole situation was over, until we detected a ship with the same warp trail as that of the Eildyr. I called for yellow alert and wanted to contact the captain, however, before I could, the ship hailed us. I had to represent the entire Columbia in front of Commander Ellin Marayn of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth's ship, the Illrith. Luckily for me though, the woman was militaristic but friendly, and wanted to talk on the Columbia. After transporting them over, our night-shift went without any further troubles. I'm back in my quarters now, it's time to sleep. I expect another call fr-...”

REV SD 239607.02
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