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Pholin as a child.

Early Life

Born in Iyax, Denobula, to Bem (98) and Tira (103); he spent his early childhood helping his parents on his grandfather's farm, who passed away just before Pholin was born. He felt free running and playing on the farm. When Pholin was four years old his brother Fren (52) was born. He learned how to be a good brother and played with him on the farm fields. Three years after Fren was born, their father went back to work for the Denobulan Navy, like he did before his children were born. Pholin was then only seven and did not understand why he would do that, and began to develop a grudge for the Navy.

Bem: Pholin's father.

Although Pholin loved his father, he disagreed with him most of the time. Whether it was about his friends or his grades, his father always had something to complain. Pholin was more close to his mother since he felt more like her. They were both open and always ready to talk; they also always had a smile on their face. Pholin - even to this day - did not understand the relationship between his parents; they never agreed on anything. Where Pholin was more drawn to his mother, Fren was closer to his father. He was almost as conservative and grumpy as his dad. He had already decided to join the Navy when he was only eight years old.

He performed dexterous in school and made some good friends, some still friends with him to this day. He was interested in a lot of topics in school to the surprise of his parents. He would talk for hours about his new science project, while his mom would talk about her adventures in the Navy. The two brothers would often listen to stories of their mom while sitting near the fireplace, as it would get very cold in winter. Every summer, their father would come back. As Pholin got older, he could feel the atmosphere worsen as his father would be back. Grumpy from the morning to night, Pholin would try to amuse him with a joke, but even that didn't work. He would later learn from his mother that his father was depressed during Pholin's childhood since his father (Pholin's grandfather) had died in an accident.

Pholin's parents had always wanted him to join the Navy too, but during his puberty, he expressed that he wasn't planning on joining the Navy. Both his parents disagreed when he decided not to apply for the Navy after his studies, it took him two years to convince his parents it was what he wanted. It was a stressful time for him since he had no one to support his decision and sometimes questioned if this even was the thing he wanted. Even his own brother turned against him, as he did plan on joining the Navy. Luckily Pholin could talk to his half-brother, Kolir (74), who stood up for him. He lived near Pholin and he could always go to Kolir if he was upset.

Denobulan Science Academy

At the age of seventeen Pholin had completed his primary education; he had decided in his last year to attempt to join the Denobulan Science Academy. Like the Vulcan Science Academy, it was a prestigious school, with only so many places. He participated in the first round of applications, only to find himself hospitalized with a broken leg, after tripping over someone's lemur. He tried to participate in all the events from inside the hospital, but was later disqualified. Luckily his mother knew a professor in the DSA; they grew up together. They both pulled some strings. Pholin eventually got accepted - he believes unfairly.

Now he was actually in the Academy, and he enjoyed life there. During the day, he could socialize with all his fellow students. But when he was tired at the end of the day, he had a room to go back to, where he was alone and where he could concentrate. The first few years were tough, he was expected to have a lot of foreknowledge. His mentor, Raza (deceased), guided him through it, succesfully. He would later go with Pholin to Bajor. He also made some friends at the academy, but they mostly went their own ways after they graduated. He graduated twentieth of his class, majoring in anthropology.

Bajor Rebuilding Project of Denobula

Hana: Pholin's wife.

In 2369, just after Pholin graduated, the newly formed Bajoran Provisional Government asked for all possible help to rebuild Bajor. Pholin was immediately hooked, and tried to find other people to form the Denobulan Rebuilding Project of Bajor (DRPB). He and his mentor, Raza, led the mission and departed from Denobula on a ship of the Science Academy in October 2369.

His parents actually loved that Pholin went to help the people on Bajor, which led to some fun months leading up to his departure. They did want him to marry, at least once, before he left. But he wasn't going to marry someone and them leave them for however long it would be. He didn't even love someone back on Denobula.

His time on Bajor wasn't particularly comfortable, since he was one of the people who needed to make it comfortable again. It was hard work, but he had time to do what he had also come for, studying the impact on the people of Bajor. What he found was not surprising, a lot of families broken apart, and people who lost their lives to fight for their ideals. He learned a lot on Bajor.

He also met a lot of interesting people there, particularly Hana (50). She was a woman who was half Bajoran and half Denobulan, with the facial features most Denobulans had with Bajoran nose ridges. She grew up on Bajor, under Cardassian rule, and felt more attached to her Bajoran side. Hana became a big part of Pholin's studies; Hana helped with her knowledge of and connections to Bajor. The collaboration later turned into love, and they eventually married in 2373.

Deep Space 9

After completing the BRPD and marrying, Pholin moved to Deep Space 9. It would only be for one month, because their house on Bajor wasn't available anymore and their transport wouldn't arrive for another month. This month was quickly delayed as the tensions were rising between the Federation and the Dominion from the Gamma Quadrant. With the next transport arriving in ten months, they decided to build a life on DS9. Although life was not comfortable on the station, with everyone on alert twentyfour-seven, they had fun times there. Nine months later, Lalun (27) was born on the station. Only one week before their transport back to Denobula would arrive, the station was attacked for the first time by the Dominion. It is a trauma still in Pholin's system to this day.

Nelis Duyzer: Pholin's husband.

Back to Denobula

After this six-year-long adventure, Pholin was home again. He settled in the city closest to the town he grew up in, and got back to working for the DSA. He went on some off-world missions but quickly returned home to see the birth of their second daughter, Suva (25). Pholin stopped working for two years to completely focus on his two children, often going to his parents' house to play with them on the farm, just like he had done when he was a child. The farm was often let alone for months as both his parents and his brother were away on missions in the Navy. There were other parts of his childhood that Pholin didn't want to have his children go through. The main resons why he stopped working was so his children would see him and not grow detached from him. He later took up a job to teach at a local school, still making sure to keep in touch with his family. Hana later became a diplomat in Denobula-Federation relations, as Denobula was on the verge of joining, a demanding job on her. Even the relationship with his parents and brother were better than ever, having a stable job and family helped with that.

Years went by with Pholin as a teacher, and seeing his children growing up. The pressure to marry more, at least twice, was coming from all sides. Then, a collaboration between the Denobulan Science Academy and Starfleet Science was started in 2383 with Pholin as one of the lead Denobulan scientists. They were exciting times for him, finally getting to play an actual scientist again. Things got even more interesting for Pholin when he met Nelis Duyzer (48), a repair technician on the Starfleet team, in 2385. After talking to him for a few times, he learned of Nelis' recent discovery of his sexuality, and would later talk about it for hours multiple times. These conversations eventually led into love. Nelis had some struggles adapting to Denobulan culture, as Pholin was already married once, but is now very accepting. The same year in December, they married. Now, Pholin was known as Pholin Duyzer (58).

Starfleet Academy

Pholin was still heavily influenced by his experiences as a child and did not want to leave his family. He had a growing desire, however, to go out and explore like he did in the old days for the Denobulan Science Academy. Once Pholin let both Hana and Nelis know of this growing desire, they immediately were on his side. They wanted to give him the freedom to explore. Pholin was still not convinced of going; but when Lalun, now a real stubborn teenager, told him "My god, go and join Starfleet already...", he was convinced. He signed up for the first time in 2389, ready for this new adventure. Later he would learn that his excitement had gone a little far, and he had to take some pre-application classes before succesfully joining in 2391.

One could definitely say that Pholin bumped up the average age in all of his classes in San Fransisco. He wasn't bullied, per se, but he could feel imaginary stares from everyone around him. He felt like he didn't belong there and most of his social contacts were via video-transmissions back to Denobula. Although his time there was challenging, his hopes had been too high. His grades were fine, but he was happy to go on a "real" adventure during the most realistic simulation aboard the USS Centris-A, after already having moved to Starbase 118. After completing that mission, he got his first post aboard the USS Columbia.

Now, his daughter Lalun is studying on Archer IV to become a doctor, while Suva has taken apprenticeship to become a pilot on a commercial slipstream service. His parents both still work in the Navy, and his brother is working his way up to become commanding officer himself. Nelis is currently still posted to the Denobulan-Starfleet collaboration, he hopes to get posted to the same ship as Pholin, the USS Columbia...

For more about his professional life in Starfleet, see the Personal Logs.

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