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Phoenix Award
Awards DutyPost PhoenixAward 2011.jpg
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Type: duty post award
Award Level: fleet

Most Recent Recipient
Rustyy Hael (2015)

The Phoenix Award is a duty post award that recognizes engineers. Named for the vessel that legendary engineer Zefram Cochrane piloted during his historic first warp flight, this award goes to those Engineering officers who continue this tradition of excellence in the field of engineering. By performing their tasks with enthusiasm, imagination and diligence, by managing to make their equipment perform above and beyond its rated capacities, the officers meriting this award further the mission of their ship by their superior know-how. In short, miracle workers.


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Prantares Ribbon Natasha Yar Pin Voyager Medallion Sisko Tactical Cross Phoenix Award Cochrane Award
Awards DutyPost PrantaresRibbonAward 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost NatashaYarPinAward 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost VoyagerMedallionAward 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost SiskoTacticalCrossAward 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost PhoenixAward 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost CochraneAward 2011.jpg
Medical Security Operations Tactical Engineering Science
Pilot's Sextant Order of the Valiant Heart Semper Fidelis Award Black Cross Lwaxana Troi Medallion Strange Medallion
Awards DutyPost PilotsSextantAward 2011.jpg
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Awards DutyPost BlackCross.jpg
Awards DutyPost Lwaxana Troi MedallionAward 2013.jpg
Awards DutyPost StrangeMedallionAward 2011.jpg
Helm Counseling Marines Intelligence Non-Traditional First Officer

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