Phoenix-B Deck Plan

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Saucer Section

  1. Main Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge
  2. Tranporter Rooms 1-4, Science Labs
  3. Apartments, Captain's Quarters, emergency transporters
  4. Apartments (The Phoenix is a deep space discovery vessel, it houses not only crew but civilians as well)
  5. Apartments, shuttle bay 1 (main)
  6. Six-Forward Lounge, Holodecks 1-5, and HoloSuites 1-5
  7. Sick-Bay, gymnasium, HoloSuites 6-25, "The Globe" theater
  8. Apartments, life support core
  9. Apartments, emergency transporters
  10. Apartments, main escape pods
  11. Apartments
  12. Apartments
  13. Apartments
  14. Apartments
  15. Junior officers quarters, training centers, and lounge
  16. Captains Yacht docking station. (Restricted access except to captain or other crew with permission to enter, the yacht is sole property of the captain until retirement or destruction of ship.)

Star-Drive Section

  1. Battle Bridge, life support core 2
  2. Shuttle Bays 2-3, emergency transporters
  3. Transporters 4-8, science labs
  4. Bio labs, medical labs
  5. Computer core, main escape pods for star-drive
  6. Maintenance, engineering
  7. Security, impulse engines
  8. Cargo bays
  9. Cargo bays
  10. Brig, enviro support, waste management
  11. Deuterium Chambers
  12. Anti-matter storage
  13. Anti-matter storage