Phaser Mark 93 B semi automatic rifle

  • Work in progress.*

The Mark 93-B semi-automatic phaser rifle is designed next to the popular Type 3 phaser rifle. The choice to make it strictly semi-automatic is to prevent undisciplined fire by those with less experience and training in its use. It is designed to be lighter to be employed more rapidly, and benefit from the newest rifle tech developments in the Federation. It benefits from integrated infrared optic built into the integrated variable magnification holo sight and "back up iron sights" (BUIS), rechargeable solar battery pack, while alternately allowing the use of a type 3 battery pack. It is similar in appearance to most rifles to keep the same manual of arms. The design is hoped to one day become the standard pulse phaser Rifle of the Federation.

It is a high power rifle designed for short/mid range combat.

manufacturing and designation

Designed by: Fabrique Interstellaire, France, Earth ( Sol System)

Manufactured on: Earth, Mars, Andoria.

Federation Logistic and Supply Code: 56-30-12-B-R



Fire rate: Semi Automatic Only

Magnification Settings: 1x-20x

Additional optics: Infrared, BUIS

Power Settings: See Link Here

First Generation

The first generation, Type A, of this rifle was met with a mixed response, a certain few ships in Starfleet were outfitted with the Type A prototypes, after a multitude of non lethal accidents, the weapon has a built in safety that when activated unleashes a neutralizing electrical shock that can cause fainting, over the accidental self destruction. Ensign Wallace Williams met this neutralizing electrical shock while test firing one of the rifles. The rifles have, after multiple accidents been recalled and retrofitted. A few faults in production were rectified and the Second Generation is currently being deployed in field.

Second Gen

The Type B is being met with better response on ships outiftted with the prototypes. Already it has seen multiple actions with marines and anti piracy operations. It is said the rifle will soon be available fleet wide.

Optics and Sights

Benefiting from years of experience in tactical optics, the Mark 93 has the ability to change not only magnification at the push of a button, it can also change between holographic, infrared and even use of the BUIS, if their is a failure of the holographic sight. The rifle is a flexible weapon system allowing it to be issued en masse to teams while fitting the needs of multiple roles.

Firing Mode

Being a pulse phaser rifle, this weapon does not overload when firing. Unlike the Type 3 phaser's burst mode, this rifle does not keep power stored in the rifle thereby preventing power overloading. The rifle can keep a sustained rate of fire until battery depletion.