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Cadfael Peters
Chief Engineer
USS Victory

Species: Human
Gender: Male


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(( Sickbay, USS Victory ))

:: In that time, he was the one passed out from drugs. In this time, if he’d heard Franklin correctly, in a coma. He blinked again as sound became semi-audible in his bad ear. Dr. Kaji’s healing magic would at least hold until he could schedule the surgery, he hoped. ::

Peters: :: silently :: Is she going to be okay, doc?

:: He felt better, but only a little. He wasn’t feeling 100% better, but he could hear again out of both ears. A small swipe with the dermal regenerator on a specialized setting fixed Peters’ ear and she gave him a wet cloth to wipe off the blood. oO Maybe Benelat's estimates were off. Kaji fixed it. Oo ::

Kaji: I think you’re going to be fine. But I want you to stay right here for observation. And maybe you can keep an eye on our spotty friend here for me?

Peters: Sure, sure. :: He got up slowly and pulled over a chair to Ayaina’s bedside as he wiped the blood from his face, wishing he could be of some help. She’d helped him during his recovery the last time. Now it was his turn to do the same. Yet, he didn’t have a clue. Before he sat down, he took off the EVA suit. And his gaze passed to his left wrist, where he was wearing a beat-up old Casio watch. It had gone through four batteries, two wristbands, been smashed, electrocuted, and submerged and still worked. Much to his surprise. ::

(( Flashback -- Starfleet Academy, 238704.10 ))

:: Cadfael had just submitted his name a few days earlier to be part of the Cadet Cultural Exchange Subspace Friend Program, an extra-curricular activity that was supposed to expand their minds and make them more receptive to alien cultures. He had been paired up with Ayiana Yorval, who was a Trill science cadet. He’d gone two days so far with losing track of time and forgetting to check his messages at a set time. So, he decided he’d get a watch. And wandered into one of the equipment sections, the student exchange. ::

:: The merchant looked up with a smirk as the young cadet wandered in. Roger knew his type: would come in all the time and would not buy a thing. Just stare at the merchandise and wish he had some of it. ::

Roger: What can I do for you, Cadfael?

:: The use of his given name caught the cadet’s attention. ::

Peters: Oh...was wondering if you had something like a digital watch with an alarm function. Need to remember to check my messages.

Roger: oO A watch? He can set alarms from the computer. Why does he need a watch? Oo A watch, hm? You know you could just use the computer, right?

:: Peters reached into his pocket and pulled out a busted Casio that didn’t work anymore, no chance of changing the battery until he found a source. The wristband had been melted by another student as a joke, and he glanced up at the merchant while handing it over. ::

Peters: Looking for a replacement for this thing. Either a similar watch, or a new one. Sentiment, and I’ve gotten kind of used to being able to glance at my wrist and know when I should stop studying for a test and sleep.

Roger: Let me guess, if you don’t have a watch: you forget things.

Peters: Something like that. Can you help me?

Roger: Yeah, think I can. One sec. :: He walked over to a replicator and fed the specifications of the watch into the computer, making a functional version of the same watch with a non-melted wristband. :: Here you go. No price for me being awesome.

:: The cadet smiled and put on his new watch, taking the old melted one back. ::

Peters: Thanks, Roger. :: and wandered off to check messages. ::

:: As he headed back to his quarters, he stopped at one of the public access computers along the courtyard wall. ::

Peters: Computer. Message check for Cadfael Peters.

Computer: No new messages.

:: He realized he’d forgotten, again, that it was his turn to write one. So, he activated the keyboard and began a message. ::

To: Cadet Ayiana Yorval, Starfleet Academy, Trillius Prime
From: Cadet Cadfael Peters, Starfleet Academy, Earth


Sorry I haven’t written. I’ve gotten so busy with school and tests that I lose track of time. Went out today to get my watch fixed so this doesn’t happen again. I’ll set an alarm that will remind me to check messages before I go to sleep, and will be counting down the hours in my free time until I hear from you again.

Losing track of time is common for humans, as we’ll stay up all night to cram before a test and feel exhausted when we do so, which typically leads to falling asleep right before the exam. Hasn’t happened to me yet. Other humans ingest large amounts of coffee or raktajino before an exam, but I drink a soothing mint tea that tends to help improve my concentration.

Maybe one day you can try some, if time and fate allow. Until next time.


:: He pressed send, and headed off toward his room. ::
(( End Flashback ))

:: She looked so...lifeless. The Trill was in a coma, according to Franklin. The engineer finished climbing out of the suit and sat down beside his friend’s wrist. He gradually removed his watch and took her hand into his, putting it on her wrist. ::

Peters: :: Almost in a whisper. :: Just so you know I’m here. There will always be time for tea.

:: He put her hand back on the biobed and just continued to watch her lifeless form, silently praying she’d be okay. ::

Ensign Cadfael Peters
USS Victory
NCC 362447

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