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Cadfael Peters
Chief Engineer
USS Victory

Species: Human
Gender: Male


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((Security Office))

:: Sharpe was just clearing up getting ready to go on Shore leave when his Commbadge sounded, he tapped it to make the connection. ::

Peters: =/\= Ensign Peters to Commander Sharpe. =/\=

Sharpe: =/\=Sharpe here Ensign. =/\= :: Sharpe was wondering if the young engineer would remember, kudos on him for doing so. ::

Peters: =/\= I was wondering if I could take you up on that drink. We survived, right? =/\=

Sharpe: :: Laughing lightly :: =/\= That we did, that we did, I am currently in my office at the moment, if you would kindly come here, I just hope you like Andorian Ale? =/\=

Peters: =/\=Never tried it, sir. =/\=

Sharpe: =/\= Excellent and if you don't like it I have some other offensive drinks that are somewhat frowned upon within the Federation. =/\= :: he said unlocking his hidden safe that also doubled as a fridge. Only he had the code to it, the drinks were not safe anywhere else on the ship and he only usually used them for a small celebration or if he promised someone a drink. ::

Peters: =/\= I will be there shortly, sir. =/\=

Sharpe: =/\= Good I will see you in a few then, Sharpe out.=/\= :: With that he closed the link and prepared. ::

:: A short time later Ensign Peters enters his office. ::

Sharpe: :: Before the Engineer could come to attention. :: No need this is informal and I am a man of my word, please be seated.

:: Cadfael had a seat in one of the comfy chairs across from Sharpe's desk, muscles slowly relaxing. He'd been hyped up on coffee all day. ::

:: Paul waited for Peters to sit down and get comfy, before he double checked his fridge safe and looked at Peters. ::

Sharpe: Okay Ensign, what is your poison? ::he asked referring to a drink the engineer might like.::

Peters: I was curious about trying some Kanar, if you have any. :: and he smiled softly :: Since this is informal, call me Cadfael.

Sharpe: :: Looking in his drinks chiller and looking up. :: Sorry Cadfael. I do not have Kanar, but I do have some Andorian ale. :: Sharpe said pulling out two shot glasses and filled each one with a blue liquid and passed one to Peters. :: Take your time, its strong, so what happened among other things when I got you to Medical?

Peters: That was one of the multitude of things that happened when we got back. As you may have heard, I'm the new Chief of Engineering. I don't know if that means I need updated clearances or not.

Sharpe: Yes I did. :: smiling. :: Congratulations Ensign, hope you can ride herd on the engineering team without finding a nasty surprise if you upset them! :: Sharpe said and took a tentative sip of his Andorian ale. ::

Peters: :: Took the drink and had a sip, blinking rapidly. :: Whoa...this is good...

Sharpe: :: Shuddering a little as the first drop slid down his throat, he savoured the taste. :: Yes, its not bad, you just gotta remember to drink this stuff slow, Synthehol it is not.

Peters: RightO… :: and took another sip of his drink. ::

Sharpe: :: Sharpe listened to Peters as he held his hand out. :: ID Card please Ensign

Peters: :: Had another slow sip of his drink. :: Am I in trouble?

Sharpe: No you are not in trouble, I need to update your clearances and for that I need your ID card ::Sharpe said.::

:: After he was given the ID card he placed it in a computer slot on his desk and typed up added clearances and permissions onto it, he pulled it out of the slot and held it out to Peters. ::

Sharpe: Okay Cadfael, this has Department Head clearances on it; I know you are still an Ensign but as a Department Head you will need them. Basically you have clearances to what a full Lieutenant would have as Chief Engineer your next upgrade will be at Lieutenant Commander. :: Sharpe said finishing his drink and pouring another, he held the bottle up to see if Peters wanted more. ::

Peters: I see. Will I be needing a new card if I get a half-pip on my collar?

:: With things going well, the Andorian ale was barely touching him, he had drunk stronger drinks than this, but it seemed Peters was a novice, he decided that he had better make sure the Ensign did not get too drunk. ::

Sharpe: :: Looking at the Engineer as he placed down his drink on the desk. :: No, your card will be simply updated but when you do make Lieutenant Commander you will be issued a new set of clearance codes, well if you are still on this ship then, if not it will be up to your next ship's Security Chief.

:: Cadfael finished the last of his glass, wincing a bit from the intensity. It tasted sweet, but burning at the same time. He blinked rapidly; not wanting to try shaking his head for fear that would make his balance worse than it was. ::

Sharpe: :: Paul noted that the ale was hitting the Ensign faster than normal. :: oO This must be the first time he has had such a strong drink Oo :: he thought to himself. :: After this small one I think we will stop with the drinking, otherwise you will be in no fit state to return to the engine room. :: Paul said getting ready to refill the Ensign’s glass. ::

:: He nodded again and pushed his glass forward, though this time a smaller quantity being poured into it. He didn’t want to have to show up at the ceremony drunk. ::

Peters: Showing up late would be bad.

Sharpe: :: Laughing. :: Yes it would new Department head and all showing up late and drunk, so you expecting any awards and such at this up coming banquet?

Peters: Nah, I’m not expecting anything… :: He cleared his throat before attempting speech again. :: I mean, the promotion to chief means I might get pipped up, but beyond that I’m not expecting any awardsy things.

Sharpe: :: Studying Peters. :: Indeed :: He said as he put the bottle of Andorian ale away and pulled out a hypo. :: I will not let you show yourself up while on duty Ensign Peters. :: He said making sure Peters saw the hypo. ::

Peters: :: Blinked a few times as he glanced at the hypo. :: What’s that for?

Sharpe: What is in here will neutralize the alcohol in your system and after half hour you will be unaffected by the ale. All that will remain is the small and taste of the Andorian ale with zero after effects, but I would not go near any high tech equipment for at least thirty minutes.

:: He took another swig his drink, giving a faint nod. He had no intention of going back to engineering, as he wanted to be coherent for the banquet. ::

Peters: That’s good...won’t go near high tech…

Sharpe: Have you met Lieutenant S’arila Donovan by any chance?

Peters: :: With a raised eyebrow. :: No. Is that name supposed to be significant in some fashion?

Sharpe: Well you will likely see more of her than just in uniform, I am told that she will be at the banquet but she will not be in uniform, I can only imagine with her figure and those legs, I have to say that if I was not already married I would be the fox in the hen house, if you know what I mean? ::Sharpe said with a smile.::

:: Cadfael was drunk, and it seemed only suitable to nod appropriately despite not getting the hint of innuendo that came along with it. ::

Peters: I think so...but probably not my type.

:: Cadfael finished the last of his glass, wincing a bit from the intensity. It tasted sweet, but burning at the same time. He blinked rapidly, not wanting to try shaking his head for fear that would make his balance worse than it was. ::

Peters: I think I’ll just… :: blinked and took up the hypo spray :: ...administer this, then go check on Ayiana and get ready for the party.

Sharpe: Sounds like a good idea oO Is there something going on between Sevo and Peters! Oo :: Sharpe thought to himself and made a mental note to keep an eye out as this would be interesting. ::

:: The young engineer did inject it into his neck, wincing a bit as he felt the effects of the alcohol fade rapidly. ::

Peters: I think next time, cut me off at one.

Sharpe: :: Smiling mischievously. :: I will think about it.

:: He smiled to the security chief and rose from his seat, extending a hand for a handshake. ::

Peters: See you at dinner, sir.

Sharpe: :: Taking the offered hand. :: You got it, see you there.

:: Cadfael nodded and took his leave, heading toward sickbay. ::

:: Sharpe watched the engineer leave and he sighed as he also injected the alcohol neutralizing liquid into his bloodstream it did not take long for it to take effect. He checked his vintage desk clock a present from his new father in law and saw that it was almost time to the banquet and his uniform was not exactly fresh. So he handed over to the nightshift DSO and left the office. ::

Ensign Cadfael Peters
Chief Engineer
USS Victory
NCC 362447


Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe
Chief of Security
USS Victory

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