Pertainia Prime (Apollo-A)

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Pertainia Prime

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"I'm sure there are people who disagree with any form of government, in any given situation don't you? The question, in my mind, is more of how well does the government adapt to such changes."
~ Ambassador Craig Walters, Pertainia Prime.
~ Lieutenant Elya Tali

Mission Began: 239109.04
Mission Complete: 239111.21

Stardate 239110.07

Pertainia Prime, situated close to the Typhon Expanse, was a practically peaceful world. The Federation installed an embassy on the planet and hoped to build a scientific research station in orbit, due to the close proximity of the system to the Expanse. Increasingly, things began to deteriorate on the surface. A group that did not want the Federation building a station spent years infiltrating government and rallying their numbers. In a swift move, they were able to seal off the Presidential Palace and Federation Embassy in a coup d'etat.

After receiving word, the Federation planned to dispatch a ship to evacuate the Embassy and offer asylum to the elected government officials. Seeing it as the perfect mission to undertake, Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx volunteered his crew for the mission. The USS Apollo, NCC-71669A departed Utopia Planitia to make their way to the distraught world. While en route, they rendezvoused with the USS Excalibur and USS Constitution for an exchange of crews. Once the housecleaning task was completed, they set their sights on Pertainia Prime.

After arriving in the system, an away team was sent to the surface to gauge the rioting citizens and provide much needed intel for an extraction team, should the Federation citizens not be released. After spending some time on the surface, the team checked in with the Apollo. While the crew and captain decided the next course of action, the elected President and Ambassadorial staff remain isolated from everyone.

Stardate 239111.01

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669A, which had remained on the ship worked on finding a solution to either deactivate or circumvent a transporter jamming signal coming from within the diplomatic district on Pertainia Prime, preventing them from evacuating the Federation Embassy.

While RAdml. Andrus Jaxx, residing on the Apollo, was updated by the First Officer LtCmdr. Akeelah D'Sena on the riots happening on Pertainia Prime, the conversation with the away team was cut short, when shots were fired from orbital platforms, hitting the Federation Embassy on the planet and cutting off any means of communications.

The away team around D'Sena had to improvise, and began their way to the tower housing the jamming device to find a way of deactivation in hopes to establish communications and ability to beam. Jaxx decided to sends another away team, under lead of Capt. William Rogers, down to the planet to find the first team and evacuate the Ambassador. When Jaxx planned to beam to the surface as well, Chief Engineer LtCmdr. Luna Walker insisted upon him not leaving, even threatening to prevent his leaving by taking matters into her own hand. Walker was put under house arrest in her quarters, and Jaxx left to meet with the President of Pertainia Prime. Command of the Apollo went temporarily to Counselor Lt. Rune Jolara.

The away team under Rogers split into teams. One to scout the perimeter, trying to find a way to locate D'Sena and her team, another to give medical assistance to those that had been injured by the weapon from the platform and one more to find a way to transport anyone away, who could not leave on their own.

Meanwhile the first away team reached the tower, but once inside they found the jamming signal surrounded by wires and cables forming an anti-tampering device, protected by a motion activated disrupter array, which they are now attempting to circumvent or turn off, to be able to reach the jamming device for deactivation. At the same time the remaining crew of the Apollo is continuously working on attempting the same jammer deactivation from orbit.

Stardate 239112.01

The on board crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A, still couldn't contact the away teams on Pertainia Prime. LtCmdr. Luna Walker, put under house arrest, was consulted to find a way to open communications to the teams, which she found, by bouncing off the signal of a shuttle close to a pole of the planet. With that plan the bridge crew, lead by Lieutenant Rune Jolara, was able to contact the away team around LtCmdr. Akeelah D'Sena. With communications restored, the two away teams also were able to make further arrangements.

The team around Captain William Rogers split, leaving a small team outside the Embassy to take care of injured natives. Rogers and Ensign Sabina Tiam headed into the Embassy to find Ambassador Craig Walters, who according to an injured guard, was with Rebels.

The team around D'Sena managed to deactivate the jamming device, restoring communication and transportation with the Apollo and joined the other team. D'Sena split from the group to find Rogers and Tiam, while the rest stayed outside with Cmdr. Sundassa Faranster to assist her.

D'Sena, Rogers and Tiam found Walters and his bodyguard, MCpt. Jade Harris, with the rebels Ledat and Munro, who appeared to have taken them hostage. The rebels were beamed to the Apollo for interrogations. Walters and Harris were brought on board as guests. D'Sena and two Ensigns searched the Embassy for survivors, while the remaining team beamed on board to either treat the wounded or be treated.

Meanwhile the Apollo was scanned by someone on the planet. The bridge crew did not find the direct source, only a location. Later they were sent a message to "Leave" in binary code. Any attempt of contact failed, but no further action was taken from the planet side.

The remaining away team returned to the Apollo, with more wounded and dead. After interrogations Ledat and Munro were beamed back to Pertainia. It appeared they had only talked with Walters and Harris, instead of the presumed hostage situation. Walters and his staff are brought to Earth to meet with Starfleet HQ. Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx returned as well, handing temporary Command to D'Sena while he will be in meetings with Starfleet Headquarters.

The Apollo left orbit to get on way towards SB 118. The Crew now enjoys a party on the holodeck to relax and socialize.

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