Pennants are given to recognize the unified efforts of ships and to foster pride through recognition of dedicated participation.

Evaluated on a yearly basis, pennants are awarded and removed in accordance with the performance of an active installation over the course of the previous year for quantitative success in fields related to simming. To receive pennants, captains must file forms to request those pennants that have been earned. COs may enlist the help of crewmembers to compile meaningful data from the released statistics, who will then present findings to COs to examine and eventually act upon.

IC vs. OOC

The difference between awards, badges, service ribbons, pennants, and commemorative coins:

  • awards and badges: Presented for OOC accomplishments by an individual simmer/writer. Awards and badges can be displayed on any and all characters' pages and the user page of that simmer/writer.
  • service ribbons: Presented for IC performed by a specific character. Service ribbons can only be displayed on that specific character's page.
  • pennants: Presented for OOC accomplishments by a ship/station/installation. Pennants are displayed on the page of the ship or station itself.
  • commemorative coins: Presented for OOC accomplishments as a fleet. Coins are displayed on any and all characters' pages and user pages of simmer/writers who were present for the fleetwide accomplishment or event.

List of Pennants

Excellency Fleet Excellency Historian
The Next Generation Honorable Competitor Excellence in Duty
Fleet Readiness Joint Taskforce Representation Strategic Collaboration
Fleet Operations

Displaying Pennants