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Solerian Sector

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Brol Peirs is a career Imperial military man, enlisting shortly after Altharra's assumption of Imperial power. After a stint in the Imperial Survey Corps, ending with his return from the Solerian Reach and beyond, Peirs was promoted and transferred to the 15th Deep Core Reseve Fleet, quickly rising to command rank. For several years Peirs served as commander of a heavy cruiser, and was noted for his effectiveness against pirates and smugglers. He quickly rose to flag rank.

However, 17 years ago he was involved in a military coup attempt against the Emperor. The ring-leaders were summarily executed. Peirs himself had only been following orders, and for his minor part was sentenced to life imprisonment. En route to the penal colony, the prison transport suffered a manfunction and crashed. Very few survived. Peirs was one of them.

Peirs fled and eventually made his way back to the Solerian Sector, which he knew well. He laid low until ten years ago when the Romulans pulled out from the sector. Then, with a power vacuum in the region, his avarice and lust for power overcame him, and he quickly gathered a military force and assumed control over the sector.

The Solerian sector is too far out of the way for the Empire to worry about it's situation, and Peirs does not try to push his control into the Par'tha Expanse, so they are not worried about him, either. This apathy on the part of the two biggest military threats to his control has allowed Peirs to gain a substantial foothold in the sector.