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Service Record Personal Life Medical Record Academy Transcript PERSONNEL FILE

DATE OF BIRTH: 236503.11
AGE: 36
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ennis, Ireland, Earth

HEIGHT: 182 cm
WEIGHT: 72 kg
HAIR STYLE: Brown, close cropped.
SKIN TONE: Pale with a slight tan.
BUILD: Slender.

Patrick McLeod was born in a small town called Ennis in western Ireland on Planet Earth. He was born to a creative family; his parents were both actors and his older brother became a classical violinist. Pat's favourite memories from childhood were when he would play Cello with his brother.

After graduating from Sligo Grammar School, a relatively unknown High School in Ireland, Pat attended the Daystrom Institute, gaining an Honours Degree in both Astrophysics and Applied Mathematics. He initially intended to spend his life working in a lab but after seeing his childhood friend graduate from Starfleet Academy and move on to explore strange new worlds, Pat realized that a sedentary existence in a lab was not for him.


Patrick is the stereotypical nerd; ever since he was a child, he was always more interested in reading about science and history than he was about play and games. While he is smart intellectually, his self-imposed isolation has left his social-skills quite lacking; he tries to be outgoing and friendly but he always seems to say the wrong things and scare people off. Because of this, Pat forms strong bonds with the few friends that he manages to make.

Pat was born into an artistic family and his parents encouraged both him and his siblings to take up many hobbies, one of which was music. While he wasn't forced to continue all of the hobbies his parents encouraged, he dropped most, the one that he thoroughly enjoyed was playing the Oboe. Music is something that brings him a kind of joy that can't be found anywhere else.

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