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Patri Jia Kom (sometimes spelled Patri-Jia Kom) is a Terran female information pirate. She has spent most of her adult life drifting from starbase to starbase, offering her services as a detective, a hacker, and a programmer, and even research assistant.


((OOC: Special thanks to the lecture located at for some source material))

Patri's parents were taken as slaves by the Grendallai on stardate 237603.01, while she and the fragmenting family lived in the New Cyprus Colony, near the Ithassa Region. She was schooled for a year afterwards at a boarding school. On the return of her parents, it was discovered that the Grendellai slavers had implanted her with a defective tagging device. That device damaged parts of the right temporal lobe of her brain, resulting in a partial prosopagnosia that rendered her unable to recognize her parents as caregivers proper. She had a familiarity with them but she was unable to emote toward them as she had been able in the past.

Criminal Record

Patri Jia Kom has had numerous brushes with Federation law. In every instance but one she was able to avoid jail time on technicalities. During her brief stay in a Federation penal colony on Nimbus 4, she exhibited exemplary behaviour, offering spiritual advice to fellow inmates and creating a general atmosphere of ease. By the time her parole hearing came up, she was viewed so favourably that the wardens recommended she become a therapist.

At the start of her parole, however, Patri disappeared and has since turned up under various pseudonyms.

Augmentation Experimentation

For a while Patri participated in research experiments on Science Station Tango Sierra. It is suspected that research was conducted into Patri's emotive-engramatic memory loss (see detail in psych evaluation below).

Psychological Profile

Taken from publicized reports subpoenaed from Science Station Tango Sierra by Federation security.


Patri tends to carry a strong sense of guilt at her inability to relate to her parents. This is tempered by an anger at their inability in turn to rectify their fledgling marriage. She also has a strong desire to exact revenge against the Grendellai for depriving her of her ability to relate properly to her parents.

Alienation and Paranoia

Further consequences of the defective tagging device occasionally surface, resulting in a generally unstable psyche. Patri often finds it difficult to attach emotional states to external objects or referents, out of a more or less philosophical fear that the implications of the Grendellai botched tagging attempt were that emotions and external objects have no inherent relation to one another.

Patri has also exhibited paranoia as a result of the prosopagnosia.


Patri appears to live in a cloud of free-floating emotions that she is unable or unwilling to control and thus tends to act out of more immature impulses, playing the trickster.

Patri has tended to apply religious ritual, particularly Terran monotheism, to maintain a modicum of psychological stability. She tends to call such religious rituals "totems of certainty," borrowing the term from an obscure Terran writer's commentary on the Human philosopher Epictetus.


Patri was cured of her slave tag on 238704.16 by Dr. Emma Fangjian, the wife of the famous computational psychologist Jose Fangjian. The tag was removed using a progressive transporter procedure in which a holodeck was used as a stabilizer for her surrounding brain tissues over the course of the procedure.

Relation to the Bung Kho Cartel

Recently, in a bid to exact her revenge on the Grendellai, Patri elected to try to foil what she believed to be a plot on their part to turn a profit by destroying Deep Space 17. Thus, she took up residence at the station on stardate 238505.17, forging a relationship with the Bung Kho Cartel in a bid to gather intelligence on the Grendellai plot.

Patri was able to use her influence with certain agents in the Cartel to extract artificial intelligence technology from the personal effects of ensign Kevin Breeman and deploy it to the stolen USS Phoenix.

On stardate 238505.17 Patri allowed herself to be captured by the USS Independence-A in order to deliver intelligence information to the ship in the hopes that the Federation would foil the Grendallai plot, thus ending their financial dominance.

Favourite Books

The Abolition of Man, by C. S. Lewis

Fear and Trembling, by Soren Kierkegaard


While in prison Patri unwittingly participated in a research project by Dr. Emma Fengjian, Jose Fangjian's wife. She was led into a holodeck, which Dr. Fengjian employed in removing the Grendellai slave tag from Patri's brain. The procedure was a sort of reconstructive surgery and excision in which the holodeck acted temporarily as a surrogate for part of Patri's mind.

There are two official accounts of this procedure:

1. Patri's account ([1])

2. Dr Emma Fengjian's Account

Sim Archive

Attempted Capture by Grendellai, as flashed back during capture by USS Independence Crew

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