Lieutenant Parvana is a Science Officer aboard Denali Station.

Denali Station

"What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean."

- Isaac Newton

Fullname Parvana
D.O.B. 237302.14
Birthplace Earth
Occupation Science Officer
Specialties Chemistry
Rank Lieutenant
Height 5' 6"
Gender Female
Eyes Crystal Blue
Hair Silver
Fluent Lang. Caitian, Standard, Vulcan
Hobbies Painting, Rock Climbing, Spelunking
Silver fur is always kept carefully brushed, smoothed down and every strand in its proper place. A light dusting of ebony spots dance over her cheeks and forehead, then turn to full out rosettes over her neck and body. Black outlines her eyes and trails down the sides of her nose, making her features stand out. Large, sensitive ears are tipped in black, and a long, slender tail boasts several rows of stripes before also ending in that shadowy hue. Lithe and quick, she moves with an easy grace and generally keeps a pleasant expression.
Confidence and self assurance are emotions that she tends to convey. Parvana is unusual for her species, but also attractive and she knows it. Like all Caitians, she likes things orderly and neat and clean, including herself, and takes pains to present herself with an impeccable appearance. Developing an early appreciation for patterns and creativity, she found herself drawn inexplicably to the natural world and what made it tick. Her curiosity was insatiable, and she always felt the need to go and find out. A particular interest in how things worked and enjoyed working with her hands manifested itself as she aged as well as the fascination for science focused specifically on chemistry, the makeup of the universe, the fundamental principles on how the physical world behaved, and why things worked the way they did.
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Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239706.02 - 239709.17 USS Payne Science Officer
Lieutenant JG 239709.18 - 239712.29
Lieutenant 239712.30 - 239801.31
Lieutenant 239802.01 - 240008.01 StarBase 118 Ops
Lieutenant 240008.01 - Present Denali Station

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