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Inspector Matt Parner is the chief police inspector for the city of Cru'ela on Miri IV and the outlying areas.


A hard determined man of 44 who is use to getting his way. He is 5'8", 200 lbs and stocky with wide shoulders and a deep chest. He is bald and just starting to get flabby from all the hours he now spends behind a desk. He never worries about how he looks and usually can be found wearing a worn wrinkled suit that he probally slept in.

He loves his work and hates it at the same time. He tends to push hard.


Inspector Parner first ran afoul of Lt. Commander Tel-ar from the USS Eagle while he was investigateing the appearent accidental death of engineer Ensign Cam Michaels on stardate 238512.17. This was at the location of the accident about 15 km north of the city of Cru'ela near the village of Techville.

He objected to what he considered interferance by Lt. Commander Tel-ar in his official investigation even thou he had already determined that the death was accidental. This resulted in a physical altercation followed by a verbal one. Comeing out on the short end of both Parner backed off and gave Lt. Commander Tel-ar permission to claim the body and examine the area.

Later after they had conducted an autopsy on Ensign Michaels, Lt. Commander Tel-ar informed Parner that they would be transporting Ensign Michaels remains to the USS Eagle once it had arrived. He objected and another physical and verbal altercation resulted between the two.

In the end he had to allow them to remove the body but he pointed out that as far as he was concerned by doing so they had officially accepted his findings, that the death had been accidental and the result of Ensign Michaels stupidity. However he did lodge an official complaint with his superiors who then passed it along to Captain Taboo.