Tori Parker

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Vital Statistics

Name: Tori Parker
Rank: Crewman First Class
Position: Nurse's Assistant
Assignment: USS Independence-A
Gender: Female
Age: 22

  • Hair Color: Brown


Tori Parker is a nurse's assistant aboard the USS Independence-A. Among her friends is Chrissy Bennett, a medical technician in her late teens, who like Parker, enjoys gossip.

In 2387, Parker violated patient privacy protocols and helped Bennett gain access to Captain Sidney Riley's medical records, which revealed that the captain's injuries sustained during Operation Bright Star would prevent her from returning to active starship duty.

Then-CMO Tenzin Zhou reported both Parker and Bennett to Starfleet Medical for this violation, and the JAG corps is processing their cases. Once a formal court martial is ready, they will be transferred from the ship to await further judgment. Until then, they are effectively working on probation.

Additional Information

  • Parker is an NPC created by Sidney Riley, but anyone is welcome to use her in a sim and add to her backstory and other characteristics.