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Par'tha Ores

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The term ore is used generically to represent any mineral extracted from a given physical environment. In most cases, such products are rocks or metals (either precious or base), but can be more exotic. Telleena Gas, as found in the atmosphere of Miralon III and other gas giants, is one such exotic "ore."

Most ores are mined and sold on the same world, because of the cost of lifting bulk cargoes out of a gravity well are prohibitively expensive. Unless there are no feasible substitutes available in a region, useful but common ores such as copper, iron, and titanium are seldom exported from a planet, and only in very rare cases out of a system. Silicon raw materials (like sand and gravel) are never transported offplanet, since their unit value barely covers the cost of getting them to the spaceport, let alone into orbit and out to other systems (they can be found virtually anywhere anyway).

Only ores valuable enough to turn a profit after the transportation costs are taken into account are shipped to other galactic markets. These are fairly uncommon and useful ores which are not found in every star system, and thus must be transported from where they are extracted to the buyer (the term "common" is relative, of course - in a huge galaxy, even a rare ore may be available in great enough quantities to meet demand).

Following is a list of some of the less common ores which can be found in and around the Par'tha Expanse (i.e. those most likely to be shipped to other systems). Mining companies often process their own ores before shipping them offplanet, so a few common alloys are listed as well.


Note: Though spice is extracted and processed much like an ore, it is not considered one because it is not a naturally occurring mineral. Though some mining companies mine spice as well as ores, either illegally or under special government contract, such operations do not constitute mining as recognized and regulated by the Mining Guild.