Panos and Herm Industries

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Panos and Herm Industries (more commonly known as PHI) is the largest mining megacorp operating in the Expanse, and has operated for thousands of years. Its holdings are located in Beruna Province. PHI's distance from Oscion and House Beruna's ability to avoid controversy has enabled it to survive numerous house revolutions, nationalization attempts, and wars, even though Larokon Province is close by.

Being the remotest major mining concern did come with a price; PHI got the worst of the Freeworlds tariffs. Its officials did what they could to prod Beruna into doing something about the tariffs, but the house was not nearly confrontational enough for their tastes. A few of PHI's executives are members of the secret society known as the Assembly. Once the Bypass stopped being the major route out of the sector, however, PHI's stock shot through the roof as it now sits in a prime position in regards to shipping into the Empire.