Paladin Simming Manual

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From Captain Rachel Daninburg: (Pirated from Admiral Brian Kelly, who knows one or two things about his subject.)

1: Sim well, which is slightly more important than often. Three times a week, on average and barring exceptional RL issues, is fine, two is acceptable.

2: If you can't sim as often as that, special arrangements CAN be made -- but you need to ask, so no one wonders what happened to you. And so no one tries to have a conversation that lasts two weeks.

3: RL strikes often -- illness, school, work, family, etc -- can all interfere; which is fine. BUT TELL US so that a) there is no waiting for you to respond to orders or questions, and b) we do not assume that you have quit.

4: Sim clean -- spelling and grammar take mere moments to check, and they make a great difference.

5: Have care for the plot crafting of others -- add, do not redirect or destroy or fundamentally alter. Seasoning is good -- re-cooking the bird is too much.

6: Read all your emails BEFORE you write, so you take everything into account without missing words or developments. Check again before you send in case you got more.

7: Read everyone's posts to minimize missing things others worked on and took care to include.

8: If you want to know what it takes to get better, or get promoted, ask. I will tell you straight and clean what it takes.

9: OOC's are fine, but keep them to a minimum inside sims. That's what the OOC Thread is for.

10: Help others sim better. Ask privately if you are worried about a plot turn or want help with it. Reach out to crew members who are missing.

11: Write your sims so that they are not hard on the eye. Seperate speech from narration. Narrate with ::'s in front and back, capitalize names before the speech so who is speaking is clear.