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For a long time there was not a single language identifiable as the Paelian language but several ones. Since the introduction of warp-drive to the Paelian peoples one these languages has emerged to a language understood by all Paelians. Most of the other languages degenerated to mere dialects of the Paelian "lingua franca". The language that became accepted had no name of its own since Paelians didn't find names for their peoples. All names ever used for language mean translated nothing else but "language".

Paelian language includes a by far higher use of vocals than in many other languages. Vocals are regarded as the more pleasant sounds while consonants are a necessary evil. As a rule most Paelian words never place another consonant after a consonant. At the same time vocals are following other vocals quite often. There are a few words, though, that use consonants following consonants. Expletives and insults for example.

An important aspect of Paelian language is that it completely lacks grammatical genders. In fact no Paelian language ever came up with this idea. Since no genders exist in the Paelian society, Paelians don't understand the necessetiy of grammatical genders at all. Instead they seperate between things and human beings. If Paelians are speaking of other persons, they will simply call them by names and don't have pronouns. If speaking of items, they can use a pronoun for it. Technically this seperation between Paelian beings and things is the closest to a grammatical gender.

Due to Paelian nature of sharing their goods with everybody and only believing in a very limited way into possession - as in case of art for example - their language doesn't provide possessive pronouns or a genitive case. In special cases - like explaining someone's degree of kinship - they would use a case similar to Human dative. However there are Paelian subcultures instinctively not using these forms either because they do think that e.g. the phrase "the husband of" includes the thought of one partner possessing another. To all Paelians this thought is absurd of course but some use this phrase to make clear who is in a partnership with whom.

The three main dialects are Nemean, Neran and Paelian. They differ when it comes to pronounciation, certain words but in general communication between the three of them works quite good.

Neran dialect

Body languages

Paelian body language differs highly from that of other humanoid species. Their anatomy allows them gestures and facial expressions impossible for other species but also prohibits them from some. Just like their languages, all three homeplanets have constructed their own body languages, too.

Neran gestures and facial expressions