Ozameen Malyz

Ozameen, or how he prefers 'Oz', lives on the USS Constitution-B and is in his fourth year of Starfleet Academy and has been granted an on board practical training in the Medical Department.

USS Constitution-B
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Ozameen "Oz" Malyz
Position Medical Cadet
Rank Cadet First Class
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
DOB 237509.24
Age 25
Birthplace Dalana, Betazed


  • Height: 1,82 cm
  • Hair: Black, short-ish
  • Eyes: Black
  • Build: not bulky but muscular


  • Father: Zunar Malyz, Jumper - works in any department that is in need right now, Chief Petty Officer
  • Mother: Raylar Malyz, Intelligence Officer, Warrant Officer
  • Siblings: No blood related, Mark Two Foster (chosen Sibling, see Background)
  • Friends: His former roommate Siance Thyar, former crew member Kael Wilmer, colleague H'Rhaedrol Barr


  • Food and Drink: Eats everything he can get his hands on. Same goes for drinks. Trying everything at least once. He doesn't have a favourite, too much to try to limit it.
  • Communication: While he is comfortable with words, if he has the chance he uses Telepathy and falls easily into that default with other Betazoids.
  • Telepathy: T4/E4


Oz is a Starfleet brat. From the age of 10 he has been traveling with his parents where ever their career brought them. He does miss Betazed thought, at least the parts he remembers, mostly the days at the coast of Dalana. He has been on 6 ships so far and has not been able to make many friends because of that. When he heard that they were going to the Constitution-B he could not believe it and hates his parents for accepting the post. Reason for that lies in the history of the Constitution itself. He wished to stay long enough in one place to make friends and to be able to catch up in school so he can join the Academy, and get his own thing going, away from his parents.

The time came, that he had made friends. But instead of leaving, he asked to stay when his parents were transferred to a new ship. He had just begun his first year of Starfleet Academy on board practical training in Sick Bay and didn't want to leave. Shar'Wyn Foster agreed to look after Oz, so his parents agreed. Oz lived in a joined apartment with Shar'Wyn and Mark Two. When Foster got transferred to Starbase 118, Oz remained on the Constitution now living with other Cadets in shared quarters, but he is still close with Mark, seeing a brother in him.

He was not sure at first if he wanted to stay in Medical, but after spending some time in the department he felt like he was doing what he was supposed to do with his life. He grew into it and welcomed the hands on training on the ship, contrary to theoretical training with simulations at the Academy. He got to flex his telepathic and empathic muscles to help diagnosing patients as well as join the remote program of the Academy to learn how to use it more efficiently. While he has not yet chosen a specialty he feels most at home with General Medicine and Xenobiology and developed an interest in Telepathy based illnesses.


Year Position Rank
2394 - Present USS Constitution-B - Medical

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