Ozai Y'zyr

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StarBase 118
Ozai Yzyr 04 C.jpg
Ozai Y'zyr
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Trill
Gender Male
DOB 2374
Age 27
Birthplace Trill
Writer ID C238211TZ0

Ozai Y'zyr is a Security Officer on Starbase 118.

Ozai Yzyr 04 B.jpg


  • Height: 6'
  • Organic Weight: 108lbs
  • Weight w/ Cybernetics: 255lbs
  • Eye color: Black Sclera, Gold Iris
  • Hair Color: Ash White
  • Skin: Fair
  • Build: Well Muscled (but not bulky)

  • Physical Appearance: Ozai has the typical Trill spots down his face and body. He's moderately tall and strong looking, with a closely cut hair up to his ears where it becomes fashionably top-heavy and strewn forward. His physical appearance is dominated however, by his cybernetic implants. His four limbs are all cybernetic, and several major organs are cybernetically enhanced as well. He ALWAYS wears a mechanical sealing mask, so his face is typically covered from the nose down. His eyes are friendly, but also cybernetic, and he has an external neural node attached to his skull behind his right ear. All the technological parts give him a very intimidating appearance. However, his core body and head are still largely organic.
  • Clothing: When he’s not in uniform, he wears fashionable, typically highly detailed sports-style clothes that work well over his mechanical limbs, as they’re not binding or restrictive. Will wear long shorts and stylish overshirts when going casual. He always wears specially made shoes that minimize the sound of his walking.
  • Masking: He wears a personalized, mechanical, sealing medical-grade mask in public at all times. He’s quite health conscious and hygienic, to avoid potential infection. This results in him almost NEVER revealing his full face to anyone. Thankfully, he's become adept at smiling with his eyes.
  • Military Training: He is not military, but has considered joining the Marines. Ozai has some supplemental training with the 292nd Iron Jaegers under Captain Tem, and has completed SERE training.


  • Nature: He’s quite good-natured and has trouble taking things seriously. Youthful and generally positive, he’s typically in a good mood and he likes being around people. He has some anxiety about how people will treat/accept him at first. (Some people assume he is entirely cybernetic, has a computerized brain, or find his appearance intimidating.) He appears very confident and self assured. The loss of his limbs doesn’t seem to have harmed him excessively, emotionally speaking, as he’s quite mentally sturdy and has an “in the moment” perspective. He has largely put the loss behind him and adjusted to his New Normal. He is outgoing and extroverted. He is a natural showman and doesn't mind being the center of attention, though he isn't driven to seek it out.
  • Demeanor: What you see is largely what you get. He doesn’t put on airs, doesn’t hide his thoughts, and often wears his feelings on his sleeve. He's still young and may not have mastered emotional regulation. He’s not someone with a lot of complicated psychological layers, and when he feels something, it's with strength.

Personal Details

  • Loves: Exercising. BOXING (brawler style). Combat/Battle holodeck programs. Animals and children (though they can find him unsettling). Building and programming robotic animals. Music of many kinds. Telling people strange ways he lost his limbs instead of telling them the truth. Knitting tiny outfits for his robot pets.
  • Hates: Being kept in Sickbay, or receiving medical care beyond simple scans or minor scrapes. When his bionic parts misbehave, need repairing, or removing them with others present. Being helpless.
  • Fears: Water. His parts are waterproof, but due to their weight he avoids water any deeper than a few inches, as they do not float and could drown him. Being put under sedation for medical procedures. Being compared to a Borg.
  • Favorite Music: Passionate, uplifting. He jokes it’s electronica. (Cyborg music!) Christina Aguilera - “Beautiful" Pink (the artist) “Try” “Raise Your Glass” “Courage”
  • Allergies: Chocolate (makes his spots itch)
  • Secret Talents: He’s quite the talented singer, and took up several instruments to help retrain his fine motor control skills after his accident. He’s most adept at the piano and violin. When playing the piano, he wears soft padded fingertips so his metal fingers don’t *CLACK* the keyboard.

The Lies:

  • “I was attacked by seventeen Klingons! I took down five before they hacked off all my limbs. But I took down a sixth by biting his ankles.”
  • “I had an allergic reaction to a tribble.”
  • “Well, see, I was in this graveyard, and this ghost pirate realized I’d been cheating at poker, and he went into a bit of a rage. Turns out ghost swords are still pretty dangerous.”

Implant Specifics

  • Implant Related Details: After a long day he may very lightly limp or experience back strain. He has a careful, consciously controlled, and almost water-like stride to avoid excess impact strain. He is not shy about his bionic limbs, in fact he’s a bit of a show off about them, but he is VERY sensitive about exposing his connecting organic areas… he NEVER exposes them to others, finding them to be hideous.
  • Neural Node: An external implant behind his right ear acts as a control panel to his array of implants and systems. It transmits electro/chemical signals to and from his brain to the implants requiring voluntary control, and provides access to data on his involuntary systems.
  • Limbs: His limbs are durable, not indestructible. He is capable of producing short bursts of powerful strength and speed beyond a Trill’s norm, which aids him in physical altercations. He could do impressive damage or reach an extreme speed if he turned off his internal power restraints, but doing so comes with great risk to his remaining organic tissue. Therefore, any use of enhanced strength and speed must be heavily moderated. He can easily be worn out by long-term physical exertion or endurance. He doesn’t feel actual touch in his limbs, but has sensation plating that registers pressure, electrical fields, heat, cold, and damage. He has NEVER released the power inhibitors built into his system. He occasionally has to remove a limb(s), but NEVER does so in public, as he would find that humiliating.
  • Voice: His subvocal processor simulates a portion of his damaged vocal range. He does not have a robotic voice, but if it malfunctions it might produce mechanical clicking or vocal irregularities.
  • Sight: His iris was naturally a light green, but became metallic with his corneal implants. They simulate natural sight, but also give him particularly good low-light vision, though he’s not able to see in total darkness. The iris shines at certain angles, like a predator at night. His eye implants produce text alerts and read-outs within his visual field, alerting him to errors or damage to his system.
  • Hearing: His ocular implants are meant to simulate average hearing, but can be quite sensitive.