Ovuka System/Subakis

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Stellar Cartography
System Ovuk System
Sun(s) Ovuk
Moon(s) 1 (Temlaiyhari)
Class F
Diameter 90,966,273km
Atmosphere 0.2 atm (CO2 32%,N2 29%,O2 11%,CO 7%)
Hydrosphere 0%
Climate Terrestrial/Volcanic
Gravity 0.98
Primary terrain None
Points of interest None
Length of Day 13hr
Length of Year 240 days
Native species None
Other species None
Official Language NA
Population NA
Technological Classification NA
Major cities NA
Imports NA
Exports NA
Affiliation None
Government New Romulan Republic

Planetary Description

Subakis is one of five planets in Ovuk system. Though the Romulan Empire had started to setup a mining installation, it was abandoned because of the amount of volcanic activity. The planet's moon, Temlaiyhari, has the largest population in the system.



Discovered in: Scourge of Romulus

Temlaiyhari is a small moon that was originally a base of operations for Romulan mining expansion, but when the empire abandoned the project, it became an independent facility for freighters, merchants, smugglers, and criminals. Though technically under the control of the New Romulan Republic, it acts independent and pays a tribute or tax to the republic to be left alone.