Out Of Place (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Embassy Mission Archive
Before 2390
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Out Of Place


“As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred...”

Important Characters

  • USS Thor: Senior Staff
  • Mur: Egrot Healer
  • Ruen: Chief of Uhr Village
  • Ruq: Son Of Ruen, Chief Warrior

Plot Summary

“You are all probably curious as to the Admiral’s absence from this meeting? Unfortunately, her attention is required elsewhere for an unspecified amount of time. She requested that Major Parker and I handle our next mission assignment. So…here it is. Starfleet has been performing orbital studies of this planet for several months now, and recently discovered a pre-warp species called the Egrot. We have been ordered to set up a duck blind on the planet, and embed observers into their society. Our job is to study their culture, and determine their technology level. Initial scans have found evidence that requires advanced industrial applications. That structure, there, has a concealed automatic door. The Egrot have been seen entering this metallic cone-shaped building, and not emerging for days. Scans cannot penetrate the surface of the planet, nor the building to determine any further information. We don’t know how advanced they are, but clearly they have some higher level of skills at work here - Mission Briefing – Lieutenant Commander T’Lea

Part 1

Mission began following an apparent terrorist attack on the Duronis II Embassy facility. All senior staff were ordered to report to the USS Thor (NCC-82607) for briefing by Lieutenant Commander T’Lea and Major Hannibal Parker. Rear Admiral Turner was not present due to an unspecified assignment.

The briefing advised that Starfleet had been conduction orbital studies of a Class M world and had recently discovered a pre-warp species known as the Egrot – Species profile attached. Initial scans also revealed evidence of structures that required advanced industrial applications at odds with the current technology level of the Egrot society. Orbital scans could not penetrate the surface of the planet, nor the building to determine any further information. Information was also provided from initial orbital surveys.

The USS Thor was ordered to conduct surface investigations using a combination of techniques. Specifically, these were to establish a duck-blind for localised surface scans as well as an embedded team to observe the Egort at close range and collect surface samples. Additional objectives were to ascertain the origin of the advanced technology present, assess the extent of contamination, and identify the additional species, if possible.

Ensign Ghant Xerix advised that a personal vessel under his ownership, the Celestial, was equipped with systems that would facilitate its use as a duck-blind and on-surface base of operations. During the six hour journey to the Egrot home world, this officer, together with Dr. Boris Hendon and Ensign Richard Walters worked on a hologrammatical simulation of the Egrot species that would allow surface observation with minimised risk of exposure. This was loaded onto personal holo-emitters and issued to all personnel.

Part 2

Surface scans showed raised levels of radiation on the surface. Upon arrival, contact occurred with natural fauna of the planet, a bat-like species, which was placed into quarantine. Away teams were deployed and surface scans revealed significantly elevated radiation levels, consistent with those already recorded, which were attributed to a previously undocumented stellar object. The away team was in the process of withdrawl to the Celestial when they came into contact with another indigenous species – similar with Starfleet personnel.

The Egrot appear to have a two-tier class system – Low-Dwellers and High-Dwellers. The tribe contacted appeared to be of the Low-Dwelling caste and assumed that Starfleet teams were High-Dwellers.

The universal translator was, fortunately, able to adapt to the language and a meeting with the tribe was agreed. Their leader, Ruen, spoke of ‘air growing foul’ and clearly had noticed the influence of the increased radiation levels.

The Egrot made reference to creatures known as Shadow Eaters during a joint feat between Egrot and the away team personnel. These creatures had slain several Egrot and a joint hunt was agreed. Major Parker, Ensign Walters and Ensign Jicheld were led towards the advanced structure – referred to by the Egrot as the ‘Dark Gate’ – which was noted as the origin of these creatures. The group was led by the Ruq, son of the tribe chief and their lead hunter.

Doctor Hendon took part in a shamanic ritual with Mur, the tribal healer, to bless the hunting party and to welcome the joining of the Low and High dwellers in this endeavour.

Part 3

The team, led by Ruq and Major Parker, entered the previously observed advanced structure to discover it was the crashed remains of a Zalkonian vessel. Upon investigation it was discovered that a remnant force was experimenting on the Egrot and elevating them to a higher form of life.

At the same time, a group of Shadow Eaters, attacked the camp, injuring Lieutenant Commander T’Lea. Remaining personnel, including Rear Admiral Turner, evacuated towards the Celestial and were able to kill and recover the body of a Shadow Eater.

Upon analysis is was discovered the creature was found to have a mixture of Egrot and Zalkonian DNA. It was hypothesised that these creatures may be genetically altered Zalkonians that had partially, or subsequently, undergone The Change – an alteration to a state of non-corporeal existence. It was further speculated that a reduction in radiation levels, in addition to an elevation in natural proteins within the food source of the Egrot may be able to halt and possibly reverse the effect.

Further analysis was not possible, however, due to a sudden and apparently non-natural rainstorm. Once the event had passed, Doctor Hendon advised that the rain had, though an unknown mechanism, had removed the radiation from the atmosphere and from the creatures in the vicinity – including the Egrot, Shadow Eaters and the bat-like creature in quarantine.

Upon the return of Major Parker and his team, together with being satisfied that the contamination to the Egrot home world had been halted, the Celestial returned to the USS Thor.